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NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)

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The issue is that you do not have the Webdings font installed.  It's usually installed by default when you install Windows (unless you're running some sort of custom lean install).  Which OS are you using?

You can try downloading & installing the Webdings font from here:

It should give you the missing characters needed for the buttons.

Windows Vista
I do have Webdings installed
i even tried installing it again and nothing

I have the same bug with the play controls. ;(
And another bug, when I set Volumen Control "Use themed bar instead" the direction changed. To turn up the sound I must go down and to turn down the sound I must go up.
When the Volumen Control use the "normal" Theme, it works correctly.

I use Windows XP Home SP3 with all Updates. The Font Webdings is installed.

Is the Webdings font usable in a word processor?  Wordpad, for instance?  As for the reversed volume control...that seems to happen with certain Visual Styles. 


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