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NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)

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Flounder...  =]

Version tested: v1.0.3 build 105
WINE version: 1.01
OS: Ubuntu 9.04

First of all, I have to tell you that I am a complete Linux newbie, and it might show with some of the issues I had with WINE and/or Trout. In fact, this is the first application I have ever run with WINE and I installed it specifically to run Trout. Someone with more experience may not have these problems or they may know how to fix them.

For the most part, it worked surprisingly well. I am very happy because having Trout on my Ubuntu desktop really makes it feel so much more confortable and familiar when I am not using Windows.

A few minor issues with fonts on buttons was remedied by installing msttcorefonts (thanks scancode!)

If you try launching it from a desktop link, it will copy a bunch of crap to your desktop, so don't do that. Instead, just use a link to the trout folder on your desktop, open it, and right click the trout.exe file and select option from the menu. If you do it this way you won't end up with a mess on your desktop and it will use your existing config file for settings. (yes, you can use the one from Windows and not have to reconfigure everything from scratch) However, if you plan on using Trout in Windows, too, maybe it would be a good idea to have seperate Trout folders for both OSs, so you don't have to keep reconfiguring it every time you change OS.

some issues:

* Audible notification on new track works if configured to use a wav file and not system beep. (Don't know if tts would work, since I don't have anything capable of that installed, to my knowledge)
* Open file location will get you close, but not quite. Opens one folder higher in the tree. (it's like taking a bus instead of a taxi, you'll have to walk a block)
* Volume & seekbar sometimes likes to jump if you just hover over it. (don't use the skinned ones, they don't work)
* Dragging & dropping files on playlist window is kind of fussy. You have to be very precise where you drop them or they just don't get added. If you have any issues, try dropping them on the first available empty line in the playlist window.
* The open file & folder dialogs will not show on screen till you minimize the playlist.
* Some minor cosmetic flaws, but nothing I can't live with. I would be much more critical if the flaws were in Windows, but since this isn't a Linux app, I am willing to excuse them. Things like the minibar icon being way too big and causing a blank area beneath the bar, the horizontal separator lines in the play list not existing in the last 2 columns.

does not work (for me):

* scrobbling  :'(
* opening pages on site, website buttons in about dialog
* Autojustify and justify columns. If you turn on autojustify, it will squash everything together next time you run Trout.
* user definable global and local hotkeys (You will have to use your mouse. Make friends with the minibar if you haven't already.)
* Playing audio CD's (trout doesn't know my CD drives exist)  :'(
* 'Scroll left' and 'Scroll right'
* midi playback
* Can not change column order
* Double-clicking the album art just gives an error.

not tested:

* GTalk support
* tag editing works great  :)
* commandline parameters
* DCupdater support
* custom file manager support
* Text-To-Speech option to the "New track notification" options.

NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)

Hahaha...I'm happy it works at ANY level in Linux.  =]  Thanks for the testing and feedback.

v1.0.3 build 154 - 2009-10-29
    + Added album art to the bottom of the lyrics window.
    + Added code to try and prevent accidental unwanted double-clicks on the listview.
    + Lyrics window now handles a third format from  I wish they would just re-introduce the API.  Grrr.
    + Added a new command-line parameter: /add  (Thanks, tanis)
      Here's how it works now...
      1) If you pass a path to Trout on the commandline, it will clear the list
         before adding the tracks e.g.  c:\path\to\trout.exe c:\myMusic
      2) If you use the new /add parameter, it will NOT clear out the list before
         adding the new path e.g.  c:\path\to\trout.exe /add c:\myMusic

v1.0.3 build 105 - 2009-10-10
    + Playlist search now searches on filename (in addition to the previous artist/album/song tags).  (Thanks, srikat).

v1.0.3 build 158 - 2009-10-30
    ! Help icons in the Option dialog weren't showing up properly.
    ! Lyrics weren't searched automatically if the lyrics window was opened
      while a track was playing.  (Thanks, lanux128)


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