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NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)

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NANY 2009 Entry Information
Application Name Trout Short Description Small, simple audio player (Freeware) Supported OSes 95/98/ME/2k/XP/Vista/7Web Page Download Link Installer
Zip (portable) System RequirementsNothing special
Version History
+ added
* changed
- deleted
! bug fixed

v1.0.6 build 76 - 2015-08-11
    + Added an "Autoplay on add" feature under Tools > Options > General.
      (Thanks, mouser)
    * Updated BASS and all plugins.
    ! Fixed some parsing issues with displayed lyrics.

v1.0.6 build 71 - 2013-11-02
    ! "Open file location" didn't work properly if the filename contained
       certain characters.  (Thanks, app103)

v1.0.6 build 68 - 2013-06-13
    * Non-contiguous listview selections are now movable with the Ctrl+Up and
      Ctrl+Down hotkeys.

v1.0.6 build 67 - 2013-02-02
    + Added playback support for the Opus audio codec.  Tags are not supported
      at this time.

v1.0.6 build 63 - 2012-06-16
    * Shortened filepath displayed in the statusbar to 64 characters.  (Thanks,

v1.0.6 build 62 - 2012-04-26
    ! Launching the Find Track dialog twice from a hotkey would result in an
      error.  (Thanks, Ivan)

Click the button for the full v1.0.6 changelog. Spoilerv1.0.6 build 61 - 2011-12-31
    + Added "Channels" column.  (Thanks, Steve)
    + Added file modification date column (ModDate).  (Thanks, Derek G.)
    ! Sample rate wasn't always retrieved properly.

v1.0.6 build 60 - 2011-12-17
    * Made it so that while dragging the volume or seekbar, it will still work
      if you move the cursor outside the boundary of the control.

v1.0.6 build 59 - 2011-12-02
    ! Toaster wasn't popping up properly due to changes in the last build.
      (Thanks, Winkie)

v1.0.6 build 58 - 2011-11-29
    * Triggering the toaster popup via a hotkey will now work regardless of the
      "Do not show toaster popup while main window is active" setting.  (Thanks,
    - Under Win95/98, took out mouse button hotkeys as they are not supported
      under those operating systems.

v1.0.6 build 47 - 2011-11-04
    ! Under Win98, the Ctrl+C hotkey was being erroneously set.  (Thanks, dave1)

v1.0.6 build 41 - 2011-11-01
    ! Album art from tags didn't always update properly.  (Thanks, IQLover)

v1.0.6 build 40 - 2011-11-01
    + Added basic support for cover art in tags.  Notes:
        # Only the first image in the file will display.
        # Only JPG and PNG formats are supported.
        # Will not work on Win9x/ME.  =[

v1.0.6 build 38 - 2011-10-30
    + Added $composer to the available tokens for string formatting.  (Thanks,
    ! Sample rate wasn't getting stripped properly when displaying it in the
      display text field.

v1.0.6 build 37 - 2011-10-26
    ! Several Win98 related GUI element fixes.  (Thanks, Drugwash)

v1.0.6 build 32 - 2011-10-21
    ! Using the minibars would erroneously capture the mousewheel.

v1.0.6 build 31 - 2011-10-21
    * Tried to improved tooltip functionality when using minibars.  (Thanks,
    ! VU meter should no longer pause on minibar tooltips.  (Thanks, Deozaan)

v1.0.6 build 24 - 2011-10-07
    ! MOD, IT, S3M, & MIDI playback was broken.  (Thanks, Matera the Mad)

v1.0.6 build 21 - 2011-08-21
    ! The $samplerate token was broken in the last build.  (Thanks, AEN007)

v1.0.6 build 20 - 2011-08-21
    + Added "Clear list and load playlist" item to the File menu.
    ! The "Find track" dialog didn't display the correct number of files under
      certain conditions.  (Thanks, Winkie)
    ! Adding files could sometimes result in extra blank playlist entries.

v1.0.6 build 16 - 2011-08-20
    + Added "Sample" column to display a file's sample rate frequency in Hz.
      You will initially see it as the last column.  Simply drag it to the
      position you want.  For those that don't want it, you can hide it via the
      View menu.  (Thanks, AEN007)

v1.0.6 build 15 - 2011-08-19
    + Options > Paths tab.  You can now set which folder Trout uses to load and
      save playlists.  (Thanks, AEN007)
    + New /playpause commandline switch.  This will act as a toggle between play
      and pause.  (Thanks, AEN007)
    + Added $samplerate as a usable token for string formatting.  (Thanks, AEN007)
    * The /play commandline switch will no longer pause a track.  Use /playpause
      if you want a toggle.  (Thanks, AEN007)
    * The /pause commandline switch will no longer unpause a track.  Use
      /playpause if you want a toggle.  (Thanks, AEN007)

v1.0.6 build 12 - 2011-08-08
    ! Under some circumstances, the lyrics window wouldn't update properly.
      (Thanks, John)

v1.0.6 build 10 - 2011-07-27
    ! Fixed a static hotkey issue.  (Thanks, Target)

v1.0.6 build 9 - 2011-07-17
    ! Level meters weren't being coloured properly.  They should have been
      taking the same colour settings as the seekbar.  (Thanks, Lesmo16)

v1.0.6 build 5 - 2011-05-29
    ! Fixed a seekbar GUI glitch under Windows 95/98.

v1.0.6 build 1 - 2011-05-29

    + Added a simple, left/right channel level meter.  You can disable it via
      the Options, General tab.
    + Added ability to completely disable/hide the album art display.  Options,
      General tab.
    + Added sorting arrows to the listview headers courtesy of Solar's function

Click the button for the full v1.0.5 changelog. Spoiler+ added
* changed
- deleted
! bug fixed

v1.0.5 build 89 - 2011-04-15
    ! Scrobbling was broken in the last build.  Sorry about that.

v1.0.5 build 86 - 2011-04-08
    ! Fixed an issue with the updater.  (Thanks, Deozaan & Winkie)

v1.0.5 build 78 - 2011-02-25
    + Added "Show Options" as a hotkeyable action.  (Thanks, AEN007)
    ! Fixed tab control for 120 DPI systems.  (Thanks, Wayne)

v1.0.5 build 78 - 2011-02-25
    + Added hidden Write_File_INI and Write_File_XML settings.  Enabling either
      or both will cause Trout to write a track_info.ini and/or a track_info.xml
      file to Trout's folder with the tag data of the currently playing track.
      You can then read/parse this data for use in your own scripts.  (Thanks,
      To enable these, add the following lines to the [Settings] section of
      Trout's config.ini file:

v1.0.5 build 77 - 2011-02-25
    ! Fixed IPC_GETLISTPOS to be zero-relative.  (Thanks, Winkie)

v1.0.5 build 68 - 2011-02-25
    + Added support for the following WinampAPI messages.  (Thanks, Winkie)
        122 - IPC_SETVOLUME
        125 - IPC_GETLISTPOS
        250 - IPC_GET_SHUFFLE
        251 - IPC_GET_REPEAT
        252 - IPC_SET_SHUFFLE
        253 - IPC_SET_REPEAT
        40154 - Go to start of playlist.
        40158 - Go to end of playlist.

v1.0.5 build 39 - 2011-02-21
    + Added /pause & /unpause commandline switches.  (Thanks AEN007)

v1.0.5 build 33 - 2011-02-19
    ! Worked around a Windows 2000 error caused by the AudioGenie tag library.
      (Thanks, tadas)

v1.0.5 build 32 - 2011-02-17
    * Updated plugins:
        BASS  ->
        BASS_AAC  ->
        BASS_AC3  ->
        BASS_ALAC  ->
        BASS_APE  ->
        BASS FX  ->
        BAS_MPC  ->
        BASS_OFR  ->
        BASSCD  ->
        BASSenc  ->
        BASSMIDI  ->
        BASSmix  ->
        BASSWMA  ->
        WASSWV  ->
        AudioGenie  ->
        Tags ->

v1.0.5 build 30 - 2011-02-14
    + Added "Save playlist" to hotkey-able actions.

v1.0.5 build 29 - 2011-01-28
    ! Maybe, for real this time, I actually got the "Rewind on unpause" feature
      working properly.  (Thanks, brotherS)

v1.0.5 build 24 - 2011-01-28
    ! With the "Rewind on unpause" option set, unpausing a track after advancing
      it (while paused) didn't work properly.  (Thanks, brotherS)

v1.0.5 build 23 - 2011-01-18
    + Added Comment column.  You will initially see it as the last column.
      Simply drag it to the position you want.  For those that don't want it,
      you can hide it via the View menu.  (Thanks, J. Elmes)

v1.0.5 build 22 - 2011-01-18
    + Added Composer column.  You will initially see it as the last column.
      Simply drag it to the position you want.  For those that don't want it,
      you can hide it via the View menu.  (Thanks, tDJ)

v1.0.5 build 19 - 2011-01-17
    * Removed the mandatory playlist position from the titlebar formatting.
      Apologies to those poorly coded Winamp plugins that rely on this.  =]
    - Regressed the change made in v1.0.5.2.  To start off with a random
      song, press the next button instead of the play button.

v1.0.5 build 9 - 2011-01-09
    * Reworked how Trout analyzes playlists in regards to figuring out where
      tracks actually are in relation to the path information given.  (Thanks,
      M. G. Macri)

v1.0.5 build 6 - 2011-01-06
    ! If the value set for "Rewind track # seconds when resuming from pause"
      was set and the elapsed time of a track was less, Trout wouldn't rewind
      the track when resuming.  Now Trout will reset the track time to the
      start of the track.  (Thanks, brotherS)
    ! Fixed a title setting issue.  (Thanks, brotherS)

v1.0.5 build 2 - 2010-12-23
    * Pressing play with random mode set will now start off with a random
      song.  (Thanks, brotherS)

v1.0.5 build 1 - 2010-12-23
    + Added a /clearlist parameter that will clear Trout's playlist if
      Trout is already running.  (Thanks, lanux128)
    ! CR/LF in tags would screw things up.  (Thanks, Rhys)

Click the button for the full v1.0.4 changelog. Spoiler+ added
* changed
- deleted
! bug fixed

v1.0.4 build 96 - 2010-09-22
    ! Updated to BASS v2.4.6 to fix a bug where the total time displayed
      in the status bar didn't always jive with the total time of the

v1.0.4 build 90 - 2010-07-15
    ! In certain situations, saving playlists appended to the file
      instead of overwriting the file.  (Thanks, ignotus)

v1.0.4 build 89 - 2010-07-14
    ! Time was being displayed properly for URL files such as:  (Thanks, ignotus)

v1.0.4 build 87 - 2010-07-14
    ! Album art wasn't queried when launching the lyrics windows while
      a song was playing.  (Thanks, BeccyBoo)

v1.0.4 build 84 - 2010-07-13
    * Changed recently added behaviour regarding URLs that are actually
      files.  Instead of reading tags on load, they will be read on actual
      playback.  This should alleviate the slow adding of these types of
      files to the list.

v1.0.4 build 83 - 2010-07-13
    + Added ability for Trout to read tags from and seek URLs that are
      actually files e.g.  Trout will
      read the tags when you ADD the files so you will have to re-add the
      files in your playlist to see the tags.  (Thanks, ignotus)

v1.0.4 build 71 - 2010-06-20
    + Added an option to specify the timeout of the balloon tip under the
      Options, General tab.  (Thanks, Lesmo16)
    * Disabled the sound on the balloon tip.  (Thanks, Lesmo16)

v1.0.4 build 70 - 2010-06-19
    ! Worked around a tag reading issue involving ID3v2.4 tags. (Thanks, Bziur)

v1.0.4 build 68 - 2010-06-06
    ! Cancelling out of the new 'Clear list and add file(s)' & 'Clear list
      and add folder' actions doesn't clear the list.  (Thanks, Lesmo16)

v1.0.4 build 67 - 2010-06-05
    ! When adding streams, the station name, if available, will be entered
      into the filename column.  This is in addition to the album column as
      before.  (Thanks, Lesmo16)

v1.0.4 build 65 - 2010-06-05
    + Added two new File menu options.  (Thanks, Lesmo16)
        1) Clear list and add file(s)
        2) Clear list and add folder
    + Added scrobbling support.  (Thanks, Bziur)
    + Added a "Full screen" mode.  Default hotkey is F11.  You can also
      set your own hotkey for this or invoke it from the View menu.
    + Added new token "$part_of_set".  This corresponds to the ID3v2 tag
      TPOS and is usally used to denote which disc of a multi-disc set a
      song comes from.  This token can be used in the string formatting
      sections.  (Thanks, Lesmo16)
    ! Muted volume would unmute on a track change.  (Thanks, lanux128)

v1.0.4 build 32 - 2010-05-23
    ! Fixed a .wpl playlist parsing issue.

v1.0.4 build 29 - 2010-05-11
    ! Minibars didn't start with their volume sliders synched to Trout's
      main window.  (Thanks, panzer)

v1.0.4 build 28 - 2010-04-28
    + Added an option to disable album art display.  (Thanks, panzer)
    ! Leading spaces were erroneously stripped from all formatting strings.
      (Thanks, tanis424)

v1.0.4 build 27 - 2010-04-16
    + Added ability to easily go back to the last manual seektime performed.
      Access this feature via the List menu or by right-clicking the seekbar
      itself.  (Thanks, mouser)

v1.0.4 build 19 - 2010-04-05
    ! ID3v2.4 year tags weren't being read properly.  (Thanks, Lesmo16)

v1.0.4 build 18 - 2010-03-19
    ! Lyrics window wasn't reporting properly when no results were found.
    ! Some of the feature weren't obeying the 'Allow internet
      access' settings.  (Thanks, DeVamp)

v1.0.4 build 17 - 2010-03-19
    ! Lyrics window wasn't reporting properly when no results were found.
    ! Some of the feature weren't obeying the 'Allow internet
      access' settings.  (Thanks, DeVamp)

v1.0.4 build 15 - 2010-03-06
    ! Fixed some 120 DPI graphical issues.  (Thanks, TT1)

v1.0.4 build 6 - 2010-02-20
    ! Fixed graphical screwups under Win9x that were introduced in version
      1.0.4 build 1.  (Thanks, Drugwash)

v1.0.4 build 4 - 2010-02-10
    ! Right-clicking on the title text area didn't work if you had
      custom colours set.  (Thanks, Lesmo16)

v1.0.4 build 2 - 2010-02-04
    ! Text-To-Speech was announcing the wrong track.  (Thanks, nogojoe)

v1.0.4 build 1 - 2010-02-04
    * Revamped Trout's upper GUI.  (Thanks, Lesmo16)
        1) Larger, multi-line title text area.  Right-clicking on this
           area will allow you to copy the text to your clipboard.
        2) Larger album art.
        3) Volume control moved horizontally under the control buttons.
    + Under Tools, Options, String formatting tab, you can now preview any
      and all formatting changes easily.

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* changed
- deleted
! bug fixed

v1.0.3 build 275 - 2010-01-29
    + Added "Remove dead entries on startup" option to the General tab.
      (Thanks, Target)
    * The "Remove dead entries" function no longer removes URLs.
    ! Fixed some GUI glitches when viewing the Options dialog on a system
      running 120 DPI.  (Thanks, Guest3456)

v1.0.3 build 272 - 2010-01-25
    + Added playlist's total time (in hh:mm:ss format) to the statusbar.
      (Thanks, mohamedm)

v1.0.3 build 269 - 2010-01-22
    ! Fixed tray icon under Win 9x/ME/2k.

v1.0.3 build 261 - 2009-12-12
    + Added option under the View menu to show/hide gridlines of the main
      playlist.  (Thanks, Greybrow)

v1.0.3 build 258 - 2009-12-12
    * Trout will now unmute itself if changes are made to the volume while it's
      muted.  (Thanks, lanux128)

v1.0.3 build 257 - 2009-12-11
    * Made a change to how the main listview sorts accented characters e.g.
      "Édith Piaf" should now sort with "E" and not to the bottom of the list.
      (Thanks, Leif Larsson)

v1.0.3 build 254 - 2009-12-09
    + The "Add files" function now remembers the last selected file.  (Thanks,

v1.0.3 build 249 - 2009-11-29
    ! If shell extension is not supported under a certain OS/service pack, the
      menu option won't even appear.

v1.0.3 build 243 - 2009-11-20
    * Yet more parsing fixes.
v1.0.3 build 240 - 2009-11-10
    + Added tooltip showing volume position when manipulating a volume control.
      (Thanks, SoggyDog)

v1.0.3 build 238 - 2009-11-02
    * Reverted the new "/add" and auto-play changes that were made until I can
      come up with a more reliable way to handle this functionality.  Apologies
      to those that made use of them.

v1.0.3 build 158 - 2009-10-30
    ! Help icons in the Option dialog weren't showing up properly.
    ! Lyrics weren't searched automatically if the lyrics window was opened
      while a track was playing.  (Thanks, lanux128)

v1.0.3 build 154 - 2009-10-29
    + Added album art to the bottom of the lyrics window.
    + Added code to try and prevent accidental unwanted double-clicks on the
    + Lyrics window now handles a third format from
      I wish they would just re-introduce the API.  Grrr.
    + Added a new command-line parameter: /add  (Thanks, tanis)
      Here's how it works now...
      1) If you pass a path to Trout on the commandline, it will clear the list
         before adding the tracks e.g.  c:\path\to\trout.exe c:\myMusic
      2) If you use the new /add parameter, it will NOT clear out the list before
         adding the new path e.g.  c:\path\to\trout.exe /add c:\myMusic

v1.0.3 build 105 - 2009-10-10
    + Playlist search now searches on filename (in addition to the previous
      artist/album/song tags).  (Thanks, srikat).

v1.0.3 build 103 - 2009-10-09
    ! More lyrics box matching and parsing tweaks.   
    ! Drag & Drop not working under Vista fixed (?).  (Thanks, troutfan)

v1.0.3 build 69 - 2009-09-23
    * Recompiled Trout without UPX compression to avoid the false positives that some
      security firms spew forth.

v1.0.3 build 64 - 2009-09-23
    ! Took out an erroneously left in static hotkey (F12).  (Thanks, tomos)

v1.0.3 build 49 - 2009-09-04
    * Fixed the lyrics display again because of's migration to the Wikia
      family at

v1.0.3 build 48 - 2009-08-27
    * AudioGenie library update to v1.0.5.4.

v1.0.3 build 48 - 2009-08-27
    ! The displayed result of an artist lyrics search wasn't formatted properly.

v1.0.3 build 44 - 2009-08-23
    + Added "Remember list position on start" under Tools, Options, General, Miscellaneous.
      This will make Trout highlight and scroll to the last played row without starting
      playback.  (Thanks, Ice_Tea)
    + Added an "Exit Trout" hotkey action.  (Thanks, Ice_Tea)

v1.0.3 build 43 - 2009-08-19
    + Added "Enqueue in Trout" shell extension option to the Tools menu.
    * Made the lyrics display window work properly with Unicode lyrics.

v1.0.3 build 40 - 2009-08-11
    ! Title display coordinates were borked because I can't add ten properly.  (Thanks, app103)

v1.0.3 build 36
    * Slight changes necessary for lyrics display because of this:
    * More slight graphical tweaks to the main interface.

v1.0.3 build 35
    ! Lyrics window sizing issue.
    * Minor cosmetic tweak to the album art display.

v1.0.3 build 30
    * Text-to-Speech option will now only announce tracks during playback, not
      from manual advancing.  (Thanks, mouser)

v1.0.3 build 26
    ! Fixed CD loading.  (Thanks, app103)

v1.0.3 build 25
    + Support for ASX/WMA internet streams and their tags (if present).
    + Added a second search button to the lyrics window.  Now, you can search
      an artist specifically without having to blank out the title field.
    * Improvements to playlist parsing routines for streaming URLs.

v1.0.3 build 11
    ! Fixed the lyrics window not showing on startup properly.  (Thanks, lanux128)

v1.0.3 build 7
    ! Fixed toaster not disappearing on click when set that way.  (Thanks, app103)

v1.0.3 build 6
    ! Fixed (hopefully) lyrics window position saving bug.

v1.0.3 build 4
    + Added a basic lyrics display.  Lyrics are provided by so,
      to make use of this feature, you will need to have "Allow internet access" enabled
      under Tools, Options.  Once you have that done, choose "Show lyrics window" from
      the View menu.  Some notes: 
      1) The lyrics window will even work for streaming music sites that send
         the artist/title info.
      2) The lyrics window also can function in a stand-alone manner.  Simply enter
         the artist and track title and click the search button.
      3) If you do a search on just an artist, a list of all songs that LyricWiki has lyrics
         for will be returned.

Click the button for the full v1.0.2 changelog. Spoiler+ added
* changed
- deleted
! bug fixed

v1.0.2 build 269
    + Added a Text-To-Speech option to the "New track notification" options.  (Thanks, mouser)
    + Added an option so you can choose what happens to the toaster popup when you click on it.
      Currently, you can make it stay on-screen until it loses focus or you can make it disappear
      immediately.  Tools, Options, Toaster tab.  (Thanks, app103)
    * Improved the "Repeat file" mode to do gapless looping.  (Thanks, superboyac)
    ! Add URL GUI showed up incorrectly under Windows 7 Beta.  (Thanks, temp01)
    ! Album art showed up incorrectly on startup if Trout was installed on the
      root of a drive.  (Thanks, temp01)

v1.0.2 build 257
    + Added "Add paths from clipboard" to the File menu.
    * Made Trout save the current list after adding/deleting files.  [Thanks, Deozaan]
    ! Fixed a logic bug when entering/checking username/password data. [Thanks, apfel]

v1.0.2 build 251
    + Added an option to autopause after "x" minutes of user idle time.  [Thanks, app103]
    + Added a delete hotkey button to the hotkey options dialog.  [Thanks, drugwash]
    + Added an option to allow single or double-clicking the tray icon to bring the main
      window to the front.  Tools, Optoins, General, System tray section.  [Thanks, brotherS]

v1.0.2 build 245
    ! "Do not show toaster popup while main window is active" wasn't saving properly.
      [Thanks, Deozaan]
    ! Ampersands were not displaying properly in the Toaster popup.  [Thanks, Deozaan]
    ! Double-clicking the album art launched it twice.  [Thanks, Hezzu]

v1.0.2 build 236
    + Added "Enable/disable" to the playlist's context menu.
    + Added icon to the statusbar.  Single-clicking on it will toggle between a red
      icon ( enabled) and a grey icon ( disabled).  Right-clicking it will
      bring up the same menu as above.
    + Added an option for a configurable number of seconds to rewind when resuming from
      a pause state.  Leave it set at zero (0) to turn it off.  [Thanks, brotherS]

v1.0.2 build 220
    + When the minibars have focus, the wheelmouse will control volume.  [Thanks, Deozaan]
    + Double-clicking the album art now brings it up in your system's default viewer.
      [Thanks, none exist]
    + Added "Show toaster popup after resuming from a pause state" option under Options,
      Toaster dialog.  [Thanks, Deozaan]
    * Changed up the album art logic slightly to better handle newly added folder.jpg files.
      [Thanks, drugwash]
    * Rearranged the Options, General dialog to accomodate future settings.
    * The "Love Track" button is now an option under the Options, dialog.
      [Thanks, Deozaan]
    ! Fixed Trout's alt-tab icon to use the proper size.  [Thanks, lanux128]
    ! Fixed (hopefully) the tracks-playing-out-of-order issue.  [Thanks, drugwash]
    ! Fixed a tray icon issue where it wouldn't show if the user didn't have "Always show
      tray icon" checked but DID have "Minimize to tray on startup" checked.  [Thanks, Deozaan]

v1.0.2 build 211
    + Made it so the numpad's delete key will work like the regular delete key.  [Thanks, mouser]
    + Added handling for media keys on Logitech keyboards (Play/pause, Stop, Next,
      Prev, Vol up/down).  [Thanks, mouser]
    + Added "Enable media keys by default" option to the Options, Hotkeys dialog.
    ! Fixed an HTML decoding issue on WPL files.  [Thanks, app103]
    ! Fixed a TR/TE display issue with the toaster popup.  [Thanks, Deozaan]
    ! Fixed a sizing issue when restoring from the tray/minibar if "Minimize on startup"
      was checked.  [Thanks, Deozaan]

v1.0.2 build 196
    + Loading a data CD with the "Load audio CD" menu entry will now add those files to the
      list.  [Thanks, daonlyfreez]
    + Added "Show toaster popup" as a hotkeyable item.  [Thanks, k3ph]
    * Changed the "Explore here" menu option to "Open file location".  [Thanks, alooper21]

v1.0.2 build 192
    * The default 'Explore here' option (Windows Explorer) should now highlight the selected
      file.  [Thanks, app103]
    ! Fixed 'Remove track after playback' functionality broken in build 186.  [Thanks, app103]
    ! Fixed sizing issue on startup.  [Thanks, brotherS]

v1.0.2 build 188
    + All Play Modes are now hotkeyable items.  [Thanks, genmce]
    ! Trout will now remember if it was maximized and will properly set itself on startup.
      [Thanks, Hezzu]

v1.0.2 build 186
    * Search/jump now highlights the top row automatically.  [Thanks, hezzu]
    * 'Resume playback on start' option now remembers play/pause state.  [Thanks, brotherS]

v1.0.2 build 178
    + Added two checkboxes to the Options, Toaster tab:
      1) Enable toaster popup.
      2) Do not show toaster popup while main window is active.
    * Improved the seek and volume bars:
      1) A single mousedown session cannot affect both controls.  [Thanks, brotherS & SoggyDog]
      2) Letting go of the left mouse button outside of the seekbars will now work.  This should
         allow for dragging the seekbar all the way back to the start of the song or all the way
         to the end of a song.  [Thanks, SoggyDog]
    * Clicking on the toaster popup will keep it open as long as it's the active window.

v1.0.2 build 172
    + Added a play button to the "Play track/beep between tracks" option so you can preview the
      chosen sound file.  [Thanks, brotherS]
    + Added a checkbox on the Options form to enable/disable the "Play track/beep between tracks"
      function.  [Thanks, brotherS]
    + Added another hidden config.ini setting under Settings: Update_Method=zip
      Setting this will allow the DcUpdater app to work with Trout's portable zip file as opposed
      to the installer.

v1.0.2 build 153
    + New option under Options, General.  You can now set how the listview behaves when dropping
      files on it (or the minibars).  Choices are:
      - Never clear the existing playlist (Default/current way)
      - Always clear the existing playlist
      - Always ask me what to do
      [Thanks, mouser]
    + Created a new "List" menu entry and moved the "Remove track after playback" option to it.
    + Added a "Play track/beep between tracks" options.  This is mainly for listening to audio
      books so you can be alerted to chapter changes, etc.  You set the options under Options,
      General and toggle the functionality using the List menu entry. [Thanks, brotherS & mouser]
    ! Fixed a seeking issue where Trout wouldn't behave properly if the elapsed time was smaller
      than the user-set seek interval.  This also cropped up if the remaining time was less than
      the seek interval.  [Thanks, brotherS]

v1.0.2 build 149
    + Added a "Remove track after playback" option to the View menu.  This will make Trout act
      in a sort of queue mode.  [Thanks, app103]
    + Added "love" functionality to the minibars.  Currently, this will take you
      directly to the track's page on so you can mark it as loved.  Future plans will
      be to make this button "love" a track automatically.  [Thanks, app103]
    ! The $time_r/$time_e tokens now update in realtime.  Putting those tokens in the titlebar
      string may result in flickering.  [Thanks, brotherS]

v1.0.2 build 146
    + Another hidden config.ini setting: WinampAPI_Titlebar_Fix=1
      What this does is add a " - Winamp" to the titlebar text.  The reason is that some WinampAPI
      driven front-ends will actually crash if that text isn't there...even though they eventually
      strip it for display.  The mind boggles.  [Thanks, hollow87 & app103]
    + Column orders are now saved.  [Thanks, app103]
    ! Removing files from the listview should be much quicker (back to the way it used to be).

v1.0.2 build 129
    + Added a hidden setting for more aggressive listview refreshing.  If you're
      experiencing listview painting issues, add the following entry to the Settings
      section of your config.ini:  Force_Listview_Refresh=1
      [Thanks, daonlyfreez]
    + Added an option to specify the seek jump interval in seconds.  Default is a jump of
      one second.  Tools, Options, Miscellaneous section.  [Thanks, brotherS]
    * The statusbar track times (TE: & TR:) now update while a track is paused.  [Thanks, brotherS]
    ! Fixed 'Remove dupes' and 'Remove dead entries' broken in build 119.
    ! Fixed the list search broken in build 119.

v1.0.2 build 119
    + Made the following keys available for hotkeys: - = [ ] \ ; ' , . /
    + Added a "Preserve file modification time when saving tags" options under Tools, Options,
      General.  [Thanks, badmojo]
    * More Win9x/ME compatibility fixes.
        1) Font selection size should now work properly.
        2) Hotkeys should work now.  However, mouse-button hotkeys under 9x are sketchy at best.
        3) Text display bits should be more compatible with themed progress bars.
    * Added 'Options' back to the tray menu.  [Thanks, lanux128]

v1.0.2 build 106
    + Added "Explore here" option to the Edit/context menu.  [Thanks, apfel]
    + Added an option for specifying a custom file manager in regards to the 'Explore here'
      feature.  It's under the Tools, Options, General tab.  You use the $file_p token for
      the path.  I use Altap Salamander as my file manager of choice so I have the
      following specified:
      C:\apps\file\Salamander\salamand.exe -L "$file_p"
      This would open Altap Salamander with the left pane at the path of the currently
      focused song.  If a custom file manager is not specified, the path is simply "run"
      and Windows Explorer will most likely display (unless you have some other file manager
      specified as default on your system).
    * Cut the tray menu back down the basics as it was getting out of hand.

v1.0.2 build 103
    + Added website button to the About dialog.  [Thanks, Darin]
    + Playlist block selections are now movable via ctrl-up and ctrl-down.  [Thanks, majkinetor]
    + Added the following as hotkeyable items: Add files, Add folders, Load playlist,
      and Add URL.  [Thank, tomos]
    + Added DonationCoder DcUpdater compatibility.  [Thanks, lanux128]
        If you would like to use this functionality, do the following:
        1) Download and install mouser's DcUpdate application from here:
        2) Download this and extract dcuhelper.exe to your Trout folder:
        3) You will now see the new option under the Help menu.
    * Updated to latest BASS format plugins.
    * Updated to latest BASS library.  [Thanks, k3ph] 
    ! Added code to prevent duplication of hotkeys.  [Thanks, SoggyDog]

v1.0.2 build 91
    + Added code to support Win9x/ME systems.  Thanks to Drugwash and app103 for testing.
       1) Win9x/ME users will get the older slider controls for volume and seekbars.
       2) Tag editing has been disabled under Win9x/ME.
       3) for CDs appears to work.
       4) appears to work as well.
       5) Copy-to-clipboard functions do not copy in unicode.
    ! MIDI soundfont playback fix.
    * Fixed text display for 120 DPI systems.  Hopefully.  (Thanks, majkinetor)

v1.0.2 build 64
    + Added "/clipboard" as a commandline parameter.
    * AudioGenie library update to v1.0.5.2.
    ! Further parsing improvements/fixes.
    ! Fixed a nasty "remember position and auto-play" issue.  [Thanks, ChalamiuS]

v1.0.2 build 48
    + Added 'Scroll left' and 'Scroll right' as hotkeyable actions.  [Thanks, tomos]
    + Added 'Clear playlist', 'Remove duplicates', & 'Remove dead entries' as hotkeyable
    + New option: 'Remember last playback position & auto-play on start'.  [Thanks, Rhys]
    * Moved the 'Fonts & Colors' options to its own tab.

v1.0.2 build 45
    + Added 'Remove duplicates' and 'Remove dead entries' to the Edit menu.  [Thanks, app103]
    * Tag edit GUI doesn't display the missing tag string in the edit fields.  [Thanks, app103]
    * Made the "Update tags" button default now so you can simply press 'Enter' when
      you're done editing tags.
    * All data should now be properly handled in utf-8 format.
    * Edit, Copy path/URL should now copy in unicode.

v1.0.2 build 38
    + Added a entry to the edit/context menu.  You can go directly
      to the artist/album/title on's website.  [Thanks, app103]
    + Added the Edit menu to the minibar's menu.
    ! Further fixes to the submit checks.  [Thanks, app103]
    * Changed up the 'Minimize to tray on startup' routine to be more
      reliable.  [Thanks, app103]

v1.0.2 build 6
    * Fixed volume control issues introduced when I did the listview response

v1.0.2 build 4
    + Added 'Minimize on startup' to the Options dialog.  [Thanks, app103]
    * Fixed the "Rescan tags" function in the edit menu.  Sheesh.  =]
    * Fixed sending when artist/title tags are missing.  [Thanks, app103]

v1.0.2 build 3
    * Fixed the "Select all" function in the edit menu.  [Thanks, nogojoe]

v1.0.2 build 1
    + Added basic support. Trout's support of is limited to the
          1) A track must be longer than thirty seconds to be considered for submittal.
          2) Artist and title tags MUST be present.
          3) "Now playing" information will be sent ten seconds into track playback.
          4) For a track to be "submitted", it must have played at least 240 seconds
             OR half its track length.
          5) Trout does NO caching of tracks.  It's pretty doubtful I will add this
             capability in the future unless there is some huge need for it.
          See the following URL for more details:
    + Mousewheel over the main window's volume control now changes the volume.
    * Re-arranged the Edit menu a bit.  There is now a "Selection" entry with several
      sub-entries.  'Invert selection', 'Remove from list', and 'Rescan tags' have been
      moved to this submenu.  There is also a new entry that will allow you to delete
      the selection to the Recycle Bin.  If a file can't be deleted to the bin, you will
      be warned of such and allowed the option of deleting the file directly.
    * Tried to improve the responsiveness of the listview when switching tracks by

Click the button for the full v1.0.1 changelog. Spoiler+ added
* changed
- deleted
! bug fixed

v1.0.1 build 96
    - Reverted the tooltip changes from build 95 until I can make them work more

v1.0.1 build 95
    + Added sections in Options for custom colour choices for new slider controls.
    * Completely changed up the volume and seekbar sliders.  They now use standard
      progress bars.
    * The minibar tools tips now pick up their colour from the volume colour settings.
      I will add a separate colour option if there is call for it.  [Thanks, app103]
    * Shortened up the Options dialog a bit to (hopefully) fit certain laptop
      resolutions.  [Thanks, Controller]
    ! Tray menu "Stop" action didn't function properly.
    ! Clicking cancel on colour dialog would improperly reset the control.  [Thanks,

v1.0.1 build 84
    + Added "Rescan selected" as a hotkeyable item.  This should make it easy
      to highlight files and quickly rescan their tags.  [Thanks, tomos]
    + Added "Edit tags" as a hotkeyable item.
    + Added "Filename" column.  [Thanks, Tomos]
    * Revised the main GUI a tiny bit (slimmed down the side borders).
    ! Random mode will start with the currently highlighted file.  [Thanks, tomos]
    ! Fixed the "skip over unplayable tracks" behaviour.  [Thanks, apfel]

v1.0.1 build 80
    + Added "Rescan tags of selected files" to the edit menu.
    + Added BASIC tag editing capabilities to Trout.  There are some caveats.
      You can only edit one file at a time.  By default, the following
      tag types will be written to the following file types:
      mp3   ID3v2 tags
      aac   ID3v2 tags
      wma   WMA fields
      ape   APEv2 tags
      flac  Vorbis comments
      ogg   Vorbis comments
      mp4   Not implemented yet
      wav   None
      You can TRY to force ID3v1, ID3v2, and/or APEv2 tags by checking the
      appropriate boxes.  This does not work for all file types.
    + Added another section to the statusbar that shows the total number of
      tracks in the playlist as well as whatever row is focused e.g. 2/12.     

v1.0.1 build 79
    + Added "Play CD in drive ?:" as a hotkeyable item.  This should work
      dynamically for any number of & letter of CDROM drives.  [Thanks, nogojoe]

v1.0.1 build 77
    * Changed the parsing routine to handle CDs that return multiple
      matches. [Thanks, nogojoe]

v1.0.1 build 73
    + Added option for a custom string display when tags are missing.  The
      default string is "<missing>" but you can change it to whatever you'd
      like.  Tools, Options, General, Tags section. [Thanks, app103]

v1.0.1 build 71
    + Added much more comprehensive error-checking and user notification to the
      CD play and routines.

v1.0.1 build 59
    + Added EXPERIMENTAL support for GTalk/GoogleTalk's "Show current music
      track" option.  Enable it under Tool, Options, General tab. [Thanks, Mike]
    ! Attempted to fix a potential race condition bug sometimes resulted in
      two handles being played at once. [Thanks, apfel & nogojoe]

v1.0.1 build 33
    ! The list search window wasn't set as owner properly which resulted in an
      unwanted taskbar button.
    + Added keyboard control to the Find Track dialog.  Up/down/enter now affect
      the listbox as one would expect them to.

v1.0.1 build 30
    ! The list search window wasn't set as owner properly which resulted in an
      unwanted taskbar button.

v1.0.1 build 26
    + Added "View changelog" entry to the Help menu.
    + Added tooltip when hovering over minibar icons.
      It will use the titlebar formatting template. [Thanks, app103]
    + Added a find-as-you-type search feature under the Edit menu. [Thanks, apfel]
    * Moved "Justify columns now" entry to the View menu.

v1.0.1 build 20
    ! Canceling the save playlist window saved the file anyway [Thanks, apfel].

v1.0.1 build 17
    + Double-clicking the minibar icon shows the main Trout window.
    ! Track advance fix.
    ! MOD file tag reading fix.

v1.0.1 build 7
    ! Font display issue when changing fonts for the seekbar text.
AuthorJody Holmes (Skwire)

My main audio player for many years has been, and will remain, foobar but there are some times when I just want a simple "load'n'play" type of player.  An application that comes very close is Billy.  It's a FANTASTIC little app that fits in with my preference in software...standard controls, no skins, etc.  However, it only supports MP3, WAV, OGG, & FLAC and it also doesn't display tags.  My audio collection comprises many more formats than that and I tag files religiously.  So, with that in mind, I've always wanted to write my own simple player.  A good friend and I have wrapped the BASS audio engine in AutoHotkey and I've written a player (in AutoHotkey as well) called Trout.


* Supported audio formats (standard): AIFF, AIF, AIFC, MP1, MP2, MP3, OGA, OGG, WAV, MO3, XM, MOD, S3M, IT, MTM.
* Supported audio formats (w/ plugins): FLAC, WMA, WMP, WMV, ASF, MID, MIDI, RMI, KAR, WV, WVC, AAC, MP4, M4A, M4B, M4P, APE, AC3, SPX, TTA, OFR, MPC, ALAC.
* Basic freeDB support for audio CD track titles.
* Support for internet radio streams.
* Supported tag formats:
ID3v1, ID3v2.2/3/4
OGG/FLAC Vorbis comments
MP4/ALAC/AAC (not available under 9x/ME)
* WinampAPI support for external control and display.
* Commandline parameters for external control (/play, /stop, /prev, /next, /mute).
* Extremely customizable hotkey system.
* Basic custom string formatting (see Options screenshot).
* Basic album art support (folder.jpg)
* Horizontal/vertical "minibar" controls (see main screenshot).
* Toaster style popup.
* Play modes (Play file, play list, repeat file, repeat list, random, shuffle).
* Simple tag editing (not available under 9x/ME).
* support.
Planned Features

* Equalizer.
* Playlist saving in .m3u and .wpl formats.  It currently reads these files just fine.
* Lyrics support.
* Auto updater.
* More...
Main interface and some different looks.  Windows 9x/ME users will have regular slider controls for the seekbar and volume controls.
NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)
NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)
NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)
Minibar controls

Options dialogs
NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)
NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)
Toaster popup
NANY 2009 Release: Trout (audio player)

very nice  :up: :up:

I will cross my fingers because I am waiting for something to replace Apollo player (no longer developped). for a long time.

Apollo is another fantastic player that I've used in the past.  About the only thing that it couldn't do was display Japanese characters properly for me.  Trout isn't really meant to compete with any of these big guns.  That being said, may I ask what you might expect from Trout that Apollo currently doesn't have/do?

Excellent! I was wondering what happened with the project :)


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