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NANY 2009 Release: Lacuna Launcher

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You could always make a helper program and filename could be something like "ll_config.exe" and you run it then you can drag and drop to a listbox on the form and it adds it to a listbox. Along with that it could have possibly a button for new list, open list, save list, and a option to toggle stay on top. Another thing you could build in is like my launcher for cd's and dvd's you could build in a thing like "<APP_PATH>\path\filename.extension"; which would then read in the directory of the ll.exe in and it would allow for portable use much better. You search for the <APP_PATH> and if it is there you replace it with the path to ll.exe.

I just tested it with relative paths, and as is, it does work as long as the ll.exe file is at the root of the USB drive, or anything in the list that is the same or subfolder of its location. I still would like it if someone else would test it with their collection of USB stuff and let me know how it works for them, before I declare it portable.

Just to let you know that lacuna launcher is being mentioned today over at

Cool! Thanks!

A review of Lacuna Launcher was submitted to Digg today.


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