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NANY 2009 Release: Lacuna Launcher

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Oops. Forgive me.
I should have looked at your site before jumping to mention Skromell's IdleRun. I see you have IdleStart which would probably make a good combination.

IdleStart doesn't exit after launching. It sits in your tray and waits till you are idle again, and repeats the process. It also is user idleness based and not CPU idleness.

Using IdleStart would be like setting an application to run like a screensaver, rather than as a typical launcher might run it.

This means, if you set IdleStart to start Lacuna Launcher after 10 minutes of idle time, then it will run it whenever you haven't used the PC for 10 minutes, every time you don't use it for 10 minutes.

So after 10 minutes of idle time after startup everything on your list will load, just as you may want, but if you step away for a coffee break, you will come back and find that it ran Lacuna Launcher and everything on your list was launched again.

It is more suited for repetitive maintenance tasks that you wouldn't want running while you are actively using the pc, or you might want to start after you have finished for the day.

Great tool! I put it in my startup list to delay the start of a batch of programs. This is very useful to speed-up startup as programs don't wrestle each other for resources.

It works with no problems, whereas with AnVir Security Suite's delayed startup ( ) some programs refused to start.


For a couple of days I have been running IdleRun and LacunaLauncher together. Slick!
After Windows is settled down, IdleRun starts LacunaLauncher which then loads FARR & Synergy.
I really like this combination of apps!

Slight update:

No new features or changes to the application itself, so the version number will not change.

Added Spanish translation of the readme.txt file. (thanks scancode!)

If anyone would like to offer to translate the readme file to other languages, it would be much appreciated.


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