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Another 'Lifetime' license bites the dust

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Slysoft should have created a new product AnyHD that cannot do DVD at all, and then package with every license of AnyHD a free license to AnyDVD so that its users can do DVDs as well.
-CWuestefeld (April 16, 2009, 01:24 PM)
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Why should a user of AnyHD have to suffer for the sake of mindset?  Suffer how you ask?  To have to open separate applications just so people's 'mindset' would be in a certain way.  It's sort of like regular versions vs pro versions- the pro version has more features than the regular version, but both are built into the same application.  What's wrong with that?
-wraith808 (April 16, 2009, 02:10 PM)
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It is not a "separate app"; it simply adds the ability to strip the copy protection from HD-DVD and BRD. People open the exact same application that they always have. It just has more capabilities.

Slysoft was the first to break the copy protection for the HD-DVD and BRD, and then when a newer, supposedly better copy protection was introduced, Slysoft broke it again. Don't you think they deserve to earn a little more revenue for that?
-J-Mac (April 16, 2009, 02:27 PM)
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I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm disagreeing with the quoted user.  They stated that there should have been an AnyHD product that didn't include the ability to do DVDs, and my thoughts followed from that...  Look at the quote below and you can see what he says about that stance, and my response defending the action...

Why should a user of AnyHD have to suffer for the sake of mindset?  Suffer how you ask?  To have to open separate applications just so people's 'mindset' would be in a certain way.
-wraith808 (April 16, 2009, 02:10 PM)
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Because Slysoft screwed up, that's why.
-CWuestefeld (April 16, 2009, 02:17 PM)
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How did they screw up?  Several companies have released a Pro version of the product after the original version, and haven't gotten any bad press about it, especially if they offer a reduced cost upgrade path to the Pro version.  The only 'screw up' I can see is not naming it something other than AnyHD- perhaps AnyDVD Pro or something would have absolved them?  But why?

Please, take this as no disrespect towards any users here, but this to me sounds like the sole thing I was talking about in my "Entitled Generation" thread. People seem to feel that everything should be free. They fail to either read the fine print which clearly stated that UPDATES were included and that they reserved the right to UPGRADE the product at any time. They clearly distinguished that UPDATES were included for free for the lifetime of the product and users have been getting what they paid for for years now. An Upgrade is a change in functionality, an update is a fix to a problem or a new addition to the existing protection breaking code for AnyDVD. People just feel they should get everything for free since many never bothered to read that UPDATES were included, not UPGRADES

Carol Haynes:
There is truth in Josh's comment but there is also truth in other comments. Procuts that have been discussed in this (and other threads) include:

* Breeze Browser - this simply changed its name by adding Pro and (AFAICS) added no functionality at all (at least not at the point they did it)
* FruityLoops - SOLD lifetime upgrades as an add-on product and THEN changed the name of the product and no longer support the product they SOLD lifetime upgrades to. They now SELL lifetime upgrades to the 'new' product - but every version they release comes with extra features in the form of trial plugins which are additional cost if you want to use them. AFAICS the core application changes very little from version to version.
* Collectorz editions - used lifetime upgrade guarantees to sell their products and changed the model but carried on supporting the 'lifetime' customers with new version. That was fair enough but they are now shifting ground towards subscription use of the only data base they continue to support in order to get around the issue with users who are entitled to those free upgrades.
All three of these examples used fraudulent practices to market their products dishonestly and they need to be shown up for it.

I don't agree that Slysoft did the same thing at all. AnyDVD is still an active product that gets regular free updates, AnyDVD HD is a different product that shares some common functions and has required a lot of different expenditure in terms of time and effort to produce that does not benefit the market who originally purchased AnyDVD. I suppose they could have produced AnyDVD and AnyHD as completely separate non-overlapping products and sold them separately - and in terms of marketing perhaps it would have made more sense to have done that. The people who benefit from the current situation are the ones who buy the HD version - the normal DVD version users really don't have any right to complain (IMHO).

It is ironic that the only company behaving ethically in this list produce a product that can put their customers into jail for just owning it (at least in the UK)!!!

I can't see why people are bitching over slysoft - would you bitch if a PRO version of an application was released after you bought a license for the NORMAL version?

DVD, HD-DVD and BluRay are three different optical formats (afaik), but that's kinda irrelevant since the optical drives handle that.

What does matter, though, is that it's different file formats, codecs, and copy protection. The ability to decode protected BluRay (I assume that's what slysoft does) is quite some code (and reverse engineering) compared to DVD DeCSS... not something I'd expect getting in a program upgrade/update/whatever.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is the problem with the "entitled generation". You bought a lifetime license to UPDATES for AnyDVD. AnyDVD HD is a new product which has been incorporated into the existing software for simplicity so people don't need two different programs running. The HD UPGRADE is just that, an UPGRADE. It is NOT an update to the existing DVD/CD code. People feel that because they bought lifetime UPDATES they are ENTITLED to this UPGRADE. It's a failure to understand what was being purchased.


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