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need to move mouse horizontal or vertical only

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Some weeks ago I noticed a small program which (when hotkey was activated) would let the user move the mouse horizontal or vertical only. Normally I would grab such a program without hesitating, but I wasn't at home. Now I need such a feature, but can't remember anything at all about the name or place. Do 'you' know about such an application (for Vista), please?


I think this is in your settings.
Go to Control Panel, Mouse, Device Settings tab, Settings button, Pointer Motion, Constrained Motion.
You'll find:

The Constrained Motion feature allows you to force purely horizontal or vertical motion of the pointer on the screen.  This feature is most useful when using a drawing program.  You activate Constrained Motion by pressing and holding a specified key while moving the pointer.  When the key is pressed, the initial direction of your pointer motion determines the allowed direction of movement for as long as your finger remains on the TouchPad.

To enable the Constrained Motion feature:
1.  Select the Enable constrained motion check box to enable the options in the list box.
2.  Choose a key from the list box for activating Constrained Motion.
3.  Press and hold the selected key whenever you want to constrain pointer motion.

Hope this helps.

was it here you saw it IDEA: use key to constrain mouse movements to horizontal/vertical

:) Try DragLock!

DragLock - Press the windows key to lock the mouse movement along one axis.

- Locks to the axis you start to move along.
- Rightclick the tray menu to change hotkey.

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 Hour Software by Skrommel.

-skrommel (July 10, 2008, 04:01 PM)
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work well, I've used it - but only with XP - ahould work with Vista though I think
didnt know you could do that via Control Panel Sarah, must have a look :)

I thank you very much, Sarah, for the detailed direction.   :up:
However, this feature is for a TouchPad on a Notebook only. It is not a standard feature in general, and I don't have it (yet) on my "stationary".

No, tomos, it wasn't skrommel's DragLock I had seen, but it does exactly what I was asking for, doesn't it, so why go to the end of the world when the answer is to be found in my backyard! THANKS, tomos, and THANKS, skrommel!    :up:  :up:

Edited: No, sorry, that was not the FINAL answer to my wanting. It is not possible to change direction in the middle of a movement, as skrommel's version leaves you with Either horizontal OR vertical. I honestly *imagine* that what I saw allowed the user to go both directions without letting go, so it could be used to drag and drop, which skrommel's version really can't. But I was not in a position to ask, so MAYBE I was deluding...  Edited again: Yes, it can!: keep the mouse pressed  while letting go + pressing the hotkey again.


I thank you very much, Sarah, for the detailed direction.   :up:
However, this feature is for a TouchPad on a Notebook only. It is not a standard feature in general, ...-Curt (December 12, 2008, 04:03 AM)
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This occurred to me as I was falling asleep (of course)!
Sounds like you got it going, though... :Thmbsup:


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