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NANY 2009 Release: CrazyLittleFingers

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a great idea! another similar program is Toddler Keys.

Thanks App, I was thinking of having some kind of ScreenSaver option as a feature, but I think I might incorporate IdleStart as a configurable option within CrazyLittleFingers!
-kwacky1 (December 14, 2008, 10:17 PM)
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Just make sure you add something to your application to ensure that only 1 instance can run, otherwise there is a risk that more than one will run if the previous instance isn't closed before the pc goes idle again.

This was an issue I had with using IdleStart to launch other people's applications. When my cat moved my mouse, I'd end up with more than 1 instance of Stellarium running, and that wasn't too good.

I am not sure what language you are doing this in, so I can't recommend any sample code/components to show how it's done, but in some languages it's pretty easy to do without having to do any actual coding yourself (with Delphi, you just drop a component on your main form and you are done).

Another similar app is: Keyboard Pounder (search at:

Hi Everybody,

I have uploaded a preview release of CLF, let me know how you go.

Just a quick note to anyone who tried to download CLF in the last 6 hours (since my last post).  It's been a bit windy here and I hadn't noticed until now that my upload had failed. 

So v0.0.0.1 is definitely now available.


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