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Auditorium - relaxing flash game combines lightflows, forcefields and music


Some online games gets things just right: low key but engaging music wowen into the gaming experience, simple yet continually interesting gameplay, beautiful minimalistic graphics. The kind of game that does not require a stream of increasingly stressful mouse clicking and moving but instead actually lives up to the promise of a 5 minute soothing escape from whatever you were up to.

Two previous gems of that nature are Boomshine and Music Catch:


Music catch

Now try Auditorium. You direct lightflows to a few spots by placing and adjusting forcefields. As you succeed the lightflows turn into music. Simple enough, but as you level up you must really put some thought into how the pattern of forcefields can interplay.

Other amazing, though noticeably more intensive, games:
Cat on a Dolphin

Damn you Nod5....Boomshine was  by far one of my favorites, and now this one is right there with it....

Double damn. I got a cramp just playing this! I don't even like games, either.
 :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

Damn these are good and relaxing.


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