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NANY 2009 Release: LifeSaver diary

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Thanks for the quick reply.   Being a mainframe programmer I don't delve into html/xml or anything remotely current but it pays the bills.   As far as the formatting of html exporting goes I think having an initial index page with links to each entry would be awesome.  It would probably be fine to merge multiple entries for a given day on the same page.  I would think most people would not make a lot of entries on the same day.

Again, thanks so much!


One question I have is about exporting to xml.  When I try viewing it in either FF3 or IE7 I only get the document tree (raw html code).  ...

Am I saving it incorrectly?
-thane777 (January 25, 2009, 06:49 PM)
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No, you're doing everything correctly, this is exactly what's supposed to happen.

The idea of the XML export is that all of your data is encoded in a form that's easily read by any software that cares to do so. That is, any other diary software could easily extend their features to allow importing LifeSaver's output. It's not supposed to be human-readable, at least not in any pleasing form.

However, I do plan to build an HTML export into the program as well. Perhaps you could tell me what your expectations are.

How would you like to see HTML output be organized? For example, should it be just one giant long page (probably not)? Or should there be an index page listing all the entries, or maybe the index should be a frame, opening up individual entries internally? Or maybe somewhere inbetween, grouping, say, all the entries within a month into single pages, with an index for the months?
-CWuestefeld (January 25, 2009, 08:57 PM)
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Okay, I really like this, but I find myself not using it nearly as much as I thought I would, mostly because my girls (ages 3 & 1) are taking more and more of my time and I am on the laptop less and less.  What might be useful to me though is if you actually did target the WindowsMobile platform as you mentioned.  If that is reasonably simple, perhaps I can test it out for you? 

Mr. Adept, I'd like to attack the WM platform (I've been a PocketPC user for many years myself). But I think the priority is to make the desktop application really notable amongst the field of diary apps first.

When/if I get to the PocketPC platform, I'll keep you in mind.

Hi CW.

I noticed today that the calendar view on the left side of the screen clips off the most of the Friday column and all of the Saturday column.  It makes it difficult to find my entries on those days.  There is another way at them if I use the calendar pull-down.

I also noted that an entry I made on the 26th of January is now showing up in the Jan 31st grouping.  Weird.  None of my other entries got moved around.  It may have resulted from the way I had to find the entry I made earlier this morning.  It is hard to say.

If it matters, I am running Vista Home Premium.



I am back.  It appears that when I use the calendar pull down to get to the Friday and Saturday entries, the date of the currently displayed entry gets altered to the date I select from the pull down.  Once I select a date on the calendar pull down menu the date changes but the text area does not.  I believe this may be why the dates are getting hosed up.

In the screenshot I attached you can see what I mean about the Friday and Saturday columns being clipped off.  Also the dates of the entries below the first entry (from today) have not happened yet today.  These are from other days and I think they got moved when I did what I mention above.  I only created one entry on today's date.

I have version 1.0.3311.27086.



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