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NANY 2009 Release: LifeSaver diary

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NANY 2009 Entry Information
Application Name LifeSaver Version 1.0.3311 Short Description Keep a diary Supported OSes Windows with .Net Web Page none yet Download Link Author's web site
Or from attachment to this post, below.System Requirements
* .Net 2
* Internet Explorer (don't worry, you don't need to use it as your web browser)Version History
* 2009-01-11 - 1.0.3311

* New feature: file menu now has MRU (Most Recently Used) file list for your convenience.
* 2009-01-11 - 1.0.3298Spoiler
* Fix bug where changes to an entry didn't get saved if the user clicks next/prev too quickly.

* 2009-01-01 - 1.0.3288 (Release 1)Spoiler
* Add EULA to installer and About box
* Fix installer to overwrite old version
* Fix bug where changing entry body text forced rebuild of calendar
* Fix bug where XML export didn't close file immediately
* Add meta data to XML export
* Remove BETA warnings

* 2008-12-21 - 1.0.3277.22049 (Beta)Spoiler
* Add XML export
* Add ability to open a file from Explorer
* Fixed calendar colors (I hope)
* Added a bunch of graphics to make it pretty
* Added Delete, then disabled it because of a problem in the backend datastore
* Fixed the need to click away from the text editor to get changes to save
* Improved synchronization between entry date editor and calendar selector (there may still be issues here, I'm still chasing it)
* Fixed a bug in the browse to Previous feature (sometimes entries would be skipped when occurring on consecutive days)

* 2008-12-16 - (alpha 2)Spoiler
* Added password (remember, this isn't crypto)
* Added auto backup datafile
* Fix crash when you start app but don't open file for several minutes
* Fix crash when you try to re-open the same file that's already open
* Fix problem where "create new" diary over an existing one would open instead of creating new

* 2008-12-14 - First public alphaAuthor Chris Wuestefeld:

At the surface, it's Yet Another Diary/Journal Application. But as I've complained here, as recently as last month, a fundamental problem with all Diary software I've found is that the data is locked into a proprietary datastore and format. This is absolutely antithetical to the purpose of a diary: long-term tracking of thoughts. At some point in the future, our current applications and the format in which they store the data will be obsolete; it's imperative that something like this be easily extractable, in a way that can be imported into future systems.


* Entries formatted in rich text (HTML to facilitate export)
* Password-protected datastore (not cryptographically strong, but should be enough to keep out your little brother)
* Multiple entries allowed per day
* Browse next/previous entry
* Export to XML
Planned Features

* Entry tagging, including browse by tag
* Full-text search
* Images attached to entries
* Score entries on user-defined criteria to track progress toward goals
[ Invalid Attachment ]

Known Issues

* Previous version must be uninstalled before upgrading.
* Delete entry not allowed yet.
* There isn't yet any way to change your password.

Sounds good, all the software I found in the web about this is commercial, with freeware version, which nag all the time, or expensive shareware version, and of course the format.

I'm hoping to have an alpha ready this weekend. Basic operation and date browsing works now. I'm currently trying to figure out how to build an installer package, which is something I've never done before.

Anybody have pointers on building Visual Studio's setup projects, or links to more information on them?

nice  :Thmbsup:

If you'd like to make an installer, I really like this one and it's quite easy to use.

For most, the free version is plenty.

You don't get asked to pay unless you try to use a feature that is locked in the free version.


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