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New duplicate file finder... I am open to features suggestion

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The one feature I really need and have never found in gazillion of dupe hunters is this:  It's worthless displaying just the dupes without the contents and location of their container folders.  A duplicate file is typically part of a package consisting of multiple files in parent and child folders which need to be included in the action.  This is especially problematic when dupes are hunted based on a filter.  Yes, you can sometimes open the containing folder in Explorer, but it's annoying to keep switching back and forth between windows.

I'd like to see everything in one window - a single pane showing groupings of dupe files, and off to the right, separate panes that display the containing directory folder(s) in tree structure.  Since comparison is the goal, there should be separate panes for each selected dupe within a group.  Tabs could be created displaying the folder tree for the selected dupe, with the ability to undock the tabs and arrange or tile the panes.  An entire folder family can be wiped out or dragged to a special holding container to await their fate -- hold 'em or fold 'em.  Layouts can be saved.

Oh, I would give up chocolate for Lent if someone made this!  Otherwise, I'll be forced to.  Hmmmmm.....

- Taqxim

Hi Taqxim,
I didnt completely understand your idea but here is what I already had done:
New duplicate file finder... I am open to features suggestion

In this feature I have tree hierarchy of all folders where at least one duplicate file is found. When you click on some folder you can see all duplicate files in it. Note that regular files are not listed. This way you can mark for removal all duplicate files located in one folder (and its subfolders) by clicking in the checkbox. Let me know if this somewhat aligns with your idea. Thanks!

sure is beautiful looking.

I've tried dupe finders and do have a need for them - especially when trying to deal with a variety of recoveries from crashed disks. But I feel a need to be cautious about deletion, which means that I use them more sparingly than I really should. So my main requirement on top of those above would be for the option to move to a 'de-duped' folder with an ability to undo the move for each individual file (or episode of de-duping). And then the option to totally delete after a user-decided time period (I'd probably use 6 months) when it had become clear whether there was a reason not to have deleted that version of the file.


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