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New duplicate file finder... I am open to features suggestion

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First of all let me say hello to all users in this great community of which I am shamefully not a very active member. Some of you I already know as customers from the support mail exchange and there are also other guys like f0dder, who I know from other software developing forums.

My name is Milos and I am the author of DupeTrasher (

I would like to announce the development of the new version of this application which will be, as I hope, the next association for the software for removing duplicate files. First version had some success but there is still much room for improvement. I carefully noted user requests and along with some new ideas of mine and with new Vista technology it is almost done.
I will be giving some free license codes for people in this community and also discounts once it is realised.  :Thmbsup:

I'd like to ask you guys what are the common scenarios you have when dealing with duplicate files (beside searching for all drives). For example one feature that I implemented is to find all duplicate files in hard drive which are already available in CD/DVD. After search is done all dupes in located in hard drive will be automatically marked for removal. Then, user can review the selection and proceed with deleting if needed. This saves user's time and does the job with minimal effort.
So this is just one common scenario that crossed my mind, do you have other similar? I will gladly implement them if they seem to be useful.
Also feel free to write any other feature you think would be useful in an application like this.


For me, the biggest issue when using Duplicate finders is VISIBILITY! I haven't tried version one of your application, so I apologize if this is already implemented in it, but I'd like results to be returned "nested" like this:

1. File name
----------->Location One
----------->Location Two

I'd also like to see some sort of colour banding utilized so that differentiating between files is easier. Finally, I'd like results to be fully sortable - name, date, type, size, etc.

That's it off the top of my head - I'll post "deeper" thoughts if they occur to me after thinking about this in more depth  ;D

I don't know how much I can help, but I'd be glad to beta test etc if you like me to.

I have a problem with duplicate files myself due to having a large network of computers and constantly backing up and reformatting machines etc. Sometimes I can get lots of residue of older files built up that is hard to wade through.

Let me know if you're interested. Just a heads up though, i seriously doubt I will buy your product :(. I am under very heavy financial stress being out of a job and all.


I'm not a frequent user of duplicate finders, but here are a few suggestions about features that I'd consider useful in such a program. Maybe some of then are obvious/standard for software in this category and some others are already implemented in your program in particular (sorry, I haven't tried it yet). And Darwin has already made a couple of very good suggestions. Nevertheless, here they are:

- Possibility of detailed selection of drives and folders to scan/watch
- Possibility of several "levels" of similarity between files. For example: a) exactly the same, b) same name, different size, c) similar name, same size, same date, and so on
- Ability to set that the older files in a pair/group are the ones marked for deletion by default
- Ability to select only certain file types to be scanned (i.e. only music files, only video files, etc.)

I hope it helps

city_zen's suggestions are all good.
i also always like various options for setting how the program should select the default one to keep.


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