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NANY 2009 Final Release: CZB package

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NANY 2009 Entry Information
Application Name CZB package Version 0.6 Short Description Package containing all my FARR plugins released in the last year plus plugin management system and JScalc Supported OSes Limited by FARR Web Page not yet Download Link CZB pack: Download Link FSubScript: System Requirements
* Same as FARRVersion History
* NoAuthor Link to Author's Profile page

This package contains all FARR plugins which I have ever released. So those will be my last year work :) . Moreover I have added JScalc plugin, which is quite useful calculator and plugin management system, where you can de/activate plugins, control their settings and see their html/txt files. To make the plugins work you must download latest fsubscript plugin. I recommend to download the one from this page as it has some minor changes.

All in one package. Easy maintaining. Global updating etc...
new Completely rewriten Fsubscript plugin. Try it out. See help icon in fssc, jscalc etc. API help comming soon

Planned Features
Who knows? :)

Well it will be hard.. But at least screenshot of plugin management system:

It is an ordinary FARR plugin, which uses Fsubscript plugin system.

Using the Application
To get into plugin management system type "fssc", to start JScalc type "5+2" or "5*2" or just "jscalc" :)

Delete it :)

Known Issues


Testing it all i can say is: WOW.

Really really really cool.  The activate/deactivate stuff is extremely cool -- and this works for ALL fsubscript stuff not just czb pack so you've really added a lot to that!

And the new html settings system works great -- Supercool.

A couple of things:
1) can another line be added to each item in the fssc list which shows author info and web page link?  Maybe also a line with sample usage?  or these can all be combined into the description field.
2) when an fsubscript script is disabled, it probably shouldnt show up in the aplugins list
3) i think the settings stuff and the script listing/disabling should be part of the official fscript release when it goes final -- no point in not having this amazing functionality.
4) i think in aplugins list, there should be some indication of which items are fsubscript scripts vs. standalone plugins.
5) double clicking an fsubscript script in the aplugins list should bring up fssc i think.

I would also like to start bundling f(sub)script into the farr releases -- there is absolutely no reason anyone should have to live without this.

Nice work!

Thanks for the settings example :)

So far most things I have tested seem to work.

On a side note, I get something about: plugin CZB_FSubScript_extension_pack has failed on init

This is followed by something like 'undefined' is null or not an object and something about TypeError

Sorry about the vaguess of the error messages -- I'm translating from a non-English language.

This seems to happen on FARR start up and at various other points (e.g. when I bring up the Plugin Manager dialog box and when I dismiss that).

BTW, czb, would you consider either removing:

        var fldf = new Enumerator(currentDirectory.Files);
        for (; !fldf.atEnd(); fldf.moveNext()) {
          var rgxp = new RegExp("^fsubscript.*\\.js");
          if(fldf.item() != -1){
            fln = currentDirectory + "\\" + fldf.item().Name;

from fscript.js' onInit() and restoring the previous code, or add a dollar sign $ to the end of the regular expression?

I prefer the former, but at least the latter may make it behave a little nicer in the mean time :)


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