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NANY 2009 Release: JustCloseSomeTasks 1.21

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Featured on DownloadSquad today:


2nd one on the list at this moment!


This program as well as many 'NANY' programs are getting around!

Found it's way to Lifehacker!

Good work!  :D

It also seems to pop up on software download sites like Softonic, which actually made their own review and puts the philosophy across perhaps even better than I ever have.

Do you sometimes find you are making your PC multitask a little too much? It's great being able to run lots of programs at the same time, but it affects performance. JustCloseSomeTasks is designed to help out by letting you close inactive apps with a hot key command.-
--- End quote ---
Excellent couldn't have put it better than that. Although I have to add i'm not sure about any benefits performance wise, it's made just to declutter.

[edit: posted in wrong thread  :-[]


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