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NANY 2009 Release: JustCloseSomeTasks 1.21

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Version 1.12 is the final NANY release. I have enclosed the zip to the opening post for archiving. I'll keep developing it with your suggestions - so watch this space, the latest version link will keep working as well as dcupdater.

Welcome all CybernetNews readers!!
And I’ll save what I consider to be the best for last. It’s called JustCloseSomeTasks ... . This is a great tool for anyone who finds themselves overwhelmed with the number of windows they have open.-
--- End quote ---

I'd like to encourage people to give something back if they like the program, if they find it useful there should be the opportunity for them to contribute and make it more useful for others. So I thought maybe a nice textbox that would allow people to send feedback to me directly from the program, from the about box.

Question is:
1) Would that encourage you to fill it in? no other information will be sent with the feedback.
2) are there other ways which you have in the past contributed back to free programs?

1. Here's how I'd do that...

Oops, image not clear. it should read "Version Info" (button to the left) and the last one should read "Give Justice Feedback (Online)".

2. I do not like the popup confirmation box (and the extra mouse click  :P).

Just take me straight to the program page online / support forum. You need to add info about JustCloseSomeTasks @

3. And here's an idea for an online feedback form (you may want to add a "donate" button there as well)...


Hey thanks again Phil! cheers and thanks for reminding me about adding it to the site.
I guess it's ok to load a webpage when asked for - for a program downloaded from the net anyways :D


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