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Posted a coment on gHacks.

Guys it is actually not as bad as it sounds, the content stealing I mean. At least if they have the decency to link back to my website. If they do not I usually report them to Google Adsense and every other advertiser that they have. Most of these sites do not have means of contacting the owner. Telephone Issues are linking back to my site with the right keyword, that's nice. Technology Blog on the other hand is not.

Did a quick WHOIS search and AFAICT they are not related. Looks like these two sites are ripping content off of gHacks.
-PhilB66 (December 19, 2008, 05:32 AM)
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And they are all claiming copyright   ;)
-Perry Mowbray (December 19, 2008, 05:36 AM)
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These are what is known as splogs. They rip off content of other blogs in order to make money off of ad revenue without having to do any work themselves. Most have it automated by using the RSS feeds of the multiple sites they steal content from.

Their posts will sometimes show tell-tale signs of RSS snatching, such as footers that are added that link back to original site, related links that link back to original site, and various social media links that show the feedburner urls from the original site.

This is why if you have a blog, you need to add a footer to your feeds, containing a copyright notice and a link back to your blog, to alert people where the content really came from.

Now if you do things right, the sploggers that steal your content will be linking to you, driving your site higher in the search engines, and anyone that lands on the splogger page will know they are sploggers because of your footer, and you will have a line of text to do a Google search with, to easily find all the sploggers stealing your content.

Then if you choose to, you can spend all day sending out DMCA notices and have very little time left to do much else in your life, and that includes blogging. Most large popular blogs give up and just accept it as a futile battle and tell themselves that all the inbound links the sploggers are giving them just makes their blog more successful, in the long run, because in reality, it does.

But watch out... If you have a badge on your blog that states a Creative Commons license of any sort, you become fair game for sploggers and don't have a legal leg to stand on as long as the reposting of your content contains the elements required to comply with your chosen CC license. (Although if you choose noncommercial, you will have something to get them on, if the splog is plastered with ads/for-profit)

Perry Mowbray:
Telephone Issues are linking back to my site with the right keyword, that's nice. -ghacks (December 19, 2008, 06:06 AM)
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 :o You're right: I missed first time through, the orange was faint and I didn't roll over the link; and the links do link back to your site's tags!

Woo thanks ghacks! I noticed some confusion in the terminology that's used - and I have originated that by maybe not choosing the best words to describe things.

Active tasks are interpreted as 'the window you are working with' - from a person's view not the system's view (not processes that use resources at a point in time). Which is why background processes would still be marked as inactive - the user hasn't worked with that window for a while. Task manager and the taskbar seemed to indicate that this is the terminology, and on windows systems there's a 1:1 relationship from windows to processes (not like mac os x). Autohotkey however calls it windows and processes - and I see how system administrators would see a task as a process not as a window - and if that's the view then the application doesn't behave as you expect a process/resource manager would.

Argh the confusion ;)


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