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NANY 2009 Release: JustCloseSomeTasks 1.21

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Version 1.10
* No longer just shows tasks activated after starting - all tasks are shown (thx Perry Mowbray)
* NEW: Exclude Process this session - excludes until JCST quits - process never gets checked
* NEW: Exclude Process permanently - see above but saved across sessions  (thx PhilB66)
* NEW: Show/Hide excluded processes from the list
* NEW: Added bring to front / back (thx PhilB66)
* NEW: Run at startup preference (disabled by default - current user)
* wider main window

Version 1.11
* NEW: Exclude by Title (session and permanent): this allows you to exclude for example "Floating Toolbar" the roboform addin that uses the firefox.exe process.

Would be cool if it could detect when you've closed programs the normal way (outside JCST - using the taskbar or via the program itself), and use those stats, but I'm afraid this will probably be the final NANY release - however I'll be developing this program on a slightly slower pace after the contest. Thanks everyone for testing and supporting and big thanks to DC.

By the way, a nice tip: if no tasks are selected (for example after you closed several), clicking the Close Tasks button will hide JCST itself.


This is shaping up as a very useful little utility. Thanks.  :Thmbsup:

A few more suggestions...

- An option to set the "JustCloseSomeTasks" GUI "Always on Top"
- Add an option to maximize minimized tasks
- I would change "Exit" to "Close/Terminate" (on the right click menu)
- Would it be possible to add a history list of closed tasks from which one can restore a closed window/task?

Also, have you considered a "move to next monitor" option?


Thanks Phil great ideas to increase its usefulness. With regards to:

"Would it be possible to add a history list of closed tasks from which one can restore a closed window/task?"
You should look at GoneIn60s, Skrommel's AHK utility that recovers closed windows. I don't see why it wouldn't work well with this program.

I don't have another monitor currently - but I've looked at another AHK script and JCST is already recognising the amount of monitors on the system, it's not doing anything with it at the moment. (but I'll try and add it in)

Perry Mowbray:
Hey justice: I was wondering about minimised windows. Do you think it's possible to score them higher so they are tagged for closing sooner? My logic is that if I've minimised a window then I'm not using it, so may I'd be happier to get rid of it sooner.

I'm not totally sure that that logic is correct: but it sounded right.

I also wondered about learning per Application. I think you're using the average wait? But... not all applications were created equal: I may like to wait longer for some than others before closing (actually, I'm sure that's true, but I don't have the data to prove it  :) ).

Good suggestions thanks Perry.
re minimizing: I'd like to try a scoring system for a major version update actually! Think I can actually add something in before that happens though now I think about it more.

re per application learning: Sounds good on paper Id need to track application closures outside JCST too to get enough data for this. And management options per application.

At the moment I'm just calculating by "total tasks closed"/"total inactive seconds" but as you experience for edge cases although simpler it's not as accurate as a scoring system like FARR. Should have called it Find and Close Robot ;)

So good ideas keep them coming :)

Today's release ;) v1.12
* JCST now will always take averages to calculate Expiry time, but it's always changeable in preferences. If you experience weird expiry / stats values, please reset training data in the Preferences. This means that its behaviour is more consistent and predictable.
* Always on Top feature (view menu)
* maximize task (right click)
* Hide option (file menu)
* Updating Expiry time fixes
* Expiry time now correctly updates after closing a single task via right click menu. oops.
* layout fixes

Background Info
When no tasks have ever been closed or after Reset it starts as if 20 tasks that have been inactive for 3 minutes each have been closed, the first task closed is task 21, meaning it will slowly adjust to your behaviour.


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