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NANY 2009 Release: Crush Cryptonizer

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Dear Mr. Mayer - the Cryptonizer is neither using standard encryption algorithms nor can it be used as a cryptfile-cracker. It can only handle files that have been treated by itself. It´s a Cryptonizer - not a Decryptonizer  :D
If you are interested in the theory of encryption - I only know one really good program for this: The Cryptool
I think you´ll find what you´re searching for there or nowhere. Don´t forget to try all 3 versions - they differ from each other.

"Multiplex Wide Method Encryption?"

Okay I made that term up, but just suppose we have a fresh new crypto program here. To be provocative, I WILL say that "security as obscurity" MAY work just a little when it costs more for a world class crypto-genius to break a code, when abusing the courts is so much easier!

All these Crypto discussions are about "Pure In and Out Math". What about multiform crypto? What about the real text data steganographically attached to a "salt" DC code file split into 4097 parts, which parts are digitally rearranged, which is then saved as a txt file, and then THAT is encrypted through this program? I'll bet $128 no one would bust that with anything less than 3 months and $100,000 of services. Aka. Never.

I'll bet $128 no one would bust that with anything less than 3 months and $100,000 of services. Aka. Never.-TaoPhoenix (December 15, 2011, 05:43 PM)
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Yep! I was thinking of that classic strip when I made my post!

However it would be funny if the computer then "lost" the password, and would only reveal it on a time delay later.

Heh - the next strip becomes "Curses! Foiled by a Time Capsule! Well, beating him with the wrench is fun, let's just do that over beer."


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