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FSubScript Feature Requests

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I thought it might be useful to start a new thread for feature requests and future work discussion of the amazing FSubScript multiscript plugin which is described here:

I'll start off with a major and minor feature idea.

Major one:
This is not restricted to FSubScript, but could be used by other plugins and even aliases.  The idea is to have a system by which it would be easy to let users customize options for a plugin by simply letting the plugin writer design a simple html form that was shown in the embedded html result mode, and have farr auto populate the values and auto save them using the new User Variables fields.  This would make offering options for a plugin or alias 1000x easier than it is now, for both coder and user.

Minor one:
Define some variables in the subscripts like author, version, description, webpage, sample usage, etc. and auto show these when the user types "pluginalias help".

I have already a testing version of it (althought with bugs :) )
Here it is:
But you must also have the latest fscritp.js which is here:

For the plugin you want to have html settings for, just add settings:absolute path pointing to the settings.html (similarly it is done with icon etc)

then go to fssc and you should see settings option next to your plugin. Give it a test ;)

There are already some variables. We may discuss adding others, but I am not very much fond of filling in many things :) Help is a good idea. We could add help:"absolute path" to objects and in fssc we could add new link to help. What do you think?

I noticed:


  ecaradec started following czb about 20 hours ago



mouser and I have some bits we've been working on which we were thinking might be good to merge relatively soon.  It's getting pretty confusing juggling all of the different versions [1] ;)

One of the bits we've been working on is improving onSearchBegin()'s behavior.

Should I just post what I have at the moment or try to merge czb's latest with what I've got and then post the result?  The latter has an advantage in that some of our improvements might only work with an as-yet unreleased FARR.

Ah, and as for a feature request, I have a use for being able to monitor folders for changes (e.g. files have been added or deleted).  I read something about a FileSystemWatcher but I don't really have any idea whether this or some other non-polling method might be usable for FSubScript plugins.  Any clues anyone?

[1] Though in my case being able to run multiple instances of FARR simultaneously has mitigated the difficulties somewhat.

Starting off w/ a quote from another thread :)

To have list of useful functions which make js developers life easier. The problem is to decide which to add on the list ;)
-czb (November 28, 2008, 08:58 AM)
--- End quote ---

I've been watching some Douglas Crockford videos and reading some things by him and have started to come across some functions that seem nice.

trim() has already been mentioned.

One I thing I think czb could appreciate especially in his code is supplant() combined with factoring out a lot of those HTML and CSS fragments to files :)  [1]

I think it'd be nice to have these (and perhaps others) but I'm not sure about whether they should be added via prototypes -- doing it that way seems like it would mess w/ global state so perhaps initially they could just be made available via a kind of "fake" namespace.

Perhaps other things from the following would be of interest too:

[1] FWIW, I first saw this in the 3rd video (Yahoo! Video | M4V) of the 4-part series at around 12:53.  The idea I was familiar with from Perl and Python and I was missing it in JS.

ewemoa, I can try to let git merge your change by importing it in a branch for you and then merge it. May be we should have a special thread to discuss technical decision so that the feature thread does not get filled with git tips... ?
We could have two branches. One that work with the currently released farr and one that work with the not yet released farr.

Ah, and as for a feature request, I have a use for being able to monitor folders for changes

--- End quote ---
Do you need it for reloading scripts ? or for some other reason ? In the first case FScript could reset the script engine and reload.

I'm done with the GetObject function. It was just what I thought and I will publish it today or tomorrow. This will allow to read the registry and some other uses like navigating network shares...


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