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Cool iris problem

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hi, lovely piece of software :)
but it plays havok with java stuff. causing redrawing issues.
as stated before it leaves ghosting when it is hidden.
and having installed the cooliris addonin firefox, circle dock reduces the plugin to a stuttering mess lol
not enough to make me stop running circle dock tho. looking forward to the next update. Will save my ideas/suggestions till then.
Thanks for your app, it's great :)

it would be a help if i could disable circle dock from the system tray icon without closing the prog.

Just for information, what OS do you have and what are the specs of your machine?

I'd bet CoolIris is the problem.
There have been many complaints since it's recent updates.

Try removing CoolIris and see if it's better.
Then reinstall CoolIris.

hi, xp sp3, 2.5gb mem, ati x1300. it's an old acer 5620 laptop, so could well be my hardware :)
it's cooliris that breaks, so removing it wont fix cooliris hehe. i run the x-mouse button thing so i disable middlemouse for firefox, sketchup, xnview, etc.
closing cirlcle dock b4 running cooliris fixed it. hiding it doesn't, if that helps.
Cooliris is only fullscreen, i don't like that :(
The redrawing issues i have are java webpages such as the streaming monitor on (unfortunately u need to register to go there) and software is sketchup
Not really much of a problem. i'd rather run circle dock with problems than not have it at all :)
Thanks for getting back to me, i use java update 11 for firefox (same problem with 10).
i did send an email to cooliris chaps and they said it's probably a fight for the topmost graphics layer.
All in all it's no biggie, i don't use cooliris all that often and i can just bring up circle dock and hide it in a corner of the screen where it wont conflict with other things.


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