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NANY 2009 Release: Keyser

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I've uploaded a new version.

I believe the main changes since the last uploaded version are:

* Support for IE7 (and may be the next version)
* Ability to install OpenSearch Plugins via the kstools alias [1]

[1] Rough steps for this via an example of optimistically having things work are:

1. Bring up FARR
2. Type: kstools fun
Note that in the previous step, one should not have typed enter or return ;)
3. Select the second result in the results list (I should probably make it the first)
4. Wait a bit for FARR to display an HTML page
5. Once the page is displayed, click on one of the links to install the corresponding OpenSearch Plugin
6. Wait for the installation to complete
7. Try out the newly installed plugin

This installation functionality is a proof-of-concept.  The UI-flow and design is ugly IMO, but I want to make sure things work before improving the looks.

wow that is crazy cool..
let me describe what it does for those who are curious.

keyser knows how to use these standardized "OpenSearch" configuration files which describe how to search certain sites.  OpenSearch is supported by firefox and other browsers.

what the new kstools feature does, which is pretty damn cool, is lets you find new OpenSearch xml files which aren't normally easy to download, and autodownload them into the keyser search directory where they are instantly usable via the keyser "ks" command.

Concerning NANY, the currently downloadable version [1] is intended as the entry submission.

Thanks to all who commented, tested, and provided support in other ways :)

[1] It's a bit different than my last description -- surprise awaits for some, perhaps...

i had completely forgotten about keyser till today -- thanks for this!  :up: :up:


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