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Ideas for web site


if anyone has ideas for ways to improve the website let me know;
two things i am working on now are 1) search function for the site and 2) a page of links to other sites we like.


Ahhhh, what a long way DC has come!  8)
* Stephen66515 wonders what DC will look like in another 6 years!

Perhaps a stupid idea, but...

The ASP has a specific news group "soapbox" for political discussions and the like. They can get heated, but people know what they're getting into.

Software in many ways and aspects is increasingly political, and there are other areas that are of interest as well. e.g. I just had a little rant at on a topic that I wouldn't post here. There's a wide range of what could be allowed. Right now we have a lot of software politics in the Living Room, e.g. DRM, EULAs, etc. etc.

Just an idea. Feel free to throw it in the trash. :)

Ahhhh, what a long way DC has come!  8)
* Stephen66515 wonders what DC will look like in another 6 years!-Stephen66515 (June 12, 2011, 08:16 PM)
--- End quote ---

Yeah, I registered here Sept 3rd of 05, and I've seen quite a bit of change (I remember the topic about forum search, even!) and lots of people come and go, but DC is still true to what it started for. That is quite an accomplishment to keep such respect and formality in an open area of discussion, not to mention all of the great software, knowledge, and companionship that has come about because of it. :Thmbsup:

Sidenote: WTF happened to Wordzilla?!?!?! :'(

This thread is too old to revive.. discussions of website might be best handled: here.
As for our beloved dc member wordzilla.. he re-focused all his energies on his studies, specializing in network engineering.  Hopefully he will drop by and visit us when he gets some free time.


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