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StopKa - desktop search tool

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Good, because it just crashed when indexing files. I post below the error log. It seems the cause is a problem with MSVCR90.dll.

 Semnătură problemă:
  Nume eveniment problemă:   APPCRASH
  Nume aplicație:   StopKa.exe
  Versiune aplicație:
  Marcaj temporal aplicație:   4977ced9
  Nume modul defect:   MSVCR90.dll
  Versiune modul defect:   9.0.30729.1
  Marcaj temporal modul defect:   488ef6c5
  Cod excepție:   c0000005
  Deplasare excepție:   0003b690
  Versiune SO:   6.0.6001.
  ID setări regionale:   1048
  Informații suplimentare 1:   16f2
  Informații suplimentare 2:   db36711f8bcf9e817b16b0258227e081
  Informații suplimentare 3:   5b52
  Informații suplimentare 4:   61dc0fe8de7f590534fdec73593733a5

Buffer Overrun error... It is seems that you try to index some curious files. pdf or djvu or docs - isn't it?
I should find workaround for it... log file is really necessary to improve utility. Could you please post more information here?

There is the error with indexing in the end of indexing process. Thank you muntealb. Sorry for this bug. I'll update it ASAP.

The bug was fixed.

new version 1.4 is available, it is possible to search duplicates, ms IFilter support, icons, pictures preview


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