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StopKa - desktop search tool

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However, on my system it does not want to start. See the error message below. It's in romanian, but it says :

The application could not start because its configuration is not correct. Check the log file of the application for more details.

Later Edit: It works now, after installing the Visual C++ 2008 SP1. I think StopKa should check for that and if it is not installed to prompt the user to download and install this MS package. Otherwise those that will download the setup file from any other place than the StopKa website will not know why the software does not work. And in the Readme file it should be mentioned that Visual C++ 2008 SP1 is a requirement for StopKa.

Thank you! Thank you for screenshot - it is very useful! I have one proposition why it happens -
please for vista use a different catalog - not the "Program Files"
I hear Vista has some restrictions here.

I have a StopKa.msi - installation program for StopKa - but I decided use a zip file for public version currently.
Installation program for StopKa - should not produce such problem for Vista and it work correct.
But I still not ready to announce it.

The problem was not the folder, but the absence of Visual C++ 2008 SP1 runtime on my system. Once I have installed VC++, StopKa started normally. A "Readme" file with the system requirements could be included in the zip package of the portable installation.

It now indexes my files. CPU and memory consumption are a little better (<50% CPU and <400 MB RAM) compared to the previous version.

do you know it is possible to use StopKa without indexing? It is possible use direct search - to locate files, folders, or even NTFS streams. Also it is possible use direct search - to search in the files.
Indexing is not obligatory.


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