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StopKa - desktop search tool

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muntealb, Darwin - you both wrote what StopKa was unstable - tell me please did you use latest version - or it was first version from [December 02, 2008]?

Dormouse, you describe several problems here -
ok i'm ready to write some instructions.
Problem 1 - main menu -> Index -> New index parameters - here you can config ALL parameters which you demand
after that - press Start to create index
Problem 2 - i should describe this - StopKa has a search project abstraction - search project includes (main menu -> Project -> Settings)
a) indexes (index files with *.idx extension) - Indexes tab - for index search;
b) folders and files - Folders tab - for direct search;
c) Classes tab for files classification - for example automatic language definition - i'll describe this latter;
so for direct search you should specify at least one folder (in folder tab or directly into toolbar[search project] combobox)
when you create index - it automatically added into search project - check this;
[Standard] toolbar Find combobox - type your search phrase here and press Enter - and then press Find - may be this is not a best start for search but direct search could be a long time operation - so i can't start search if you press enter.
[Standard] toolbar, [Search & Document] panels are for relevance search;
[File filter] panel is for direct file search;
Problem 3 - the same question as for muntealb and Darwin - tell me please which version do you use?

muntealb, Darwin - you both wrote what StopKa was unstable - tell me please did you use latest version - or it was first version from [December 02, 2008]?
-vitali_y (December 29, 2008, 07:42 AM)
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Hi vitali,

I used the latest version that was available the day I made the post (in the other thread). It was the release that you announced and linked to here, on Dec.23.

from your comment i saw StopKa runs without crashes?

I can't stress this enough: the initial setup routine MUST be made more clear. For example: on trying to setup a new index it is not clear from the dialogues whether one is being asked to define the location of the index that will be created or folders to be indexed! After trial and error I realised that it is the latter...
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i'll create installer for the program - i was hurry up to announce it. And i'll make some GUI changes - to simplify it.
but, please, is a new index dialog too complex to find where to setup folders for indexing & place where index file should be created?

Once indexing has completed, nothing I search for is found!
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please read my upper answer to Dormouse -
firstly check - has your search project index file which was created after indexing
secondly - press Enter in the Find combobox - and then press Find (this is obvious bug - cause i want to combine similar file search here) in standard toolbar.
Also try to use "File filter" panel search.

I have used the latest version available from the site on the day I have posted the message. However, I have redownloaded it today and it seems more stable. But when it indexes the disks it consumes too much processor (60-70% of a Core2Duo E8200) and RAM (500 MB from a total of 2GB).

On a different note, you must provide a help file with the program or on the site. Without it the less advanced users will have no idea how to use your software.


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