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Hitman Pro

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actually it might be nice if there was a way to configure it secretly to take as long as you need to run it, so if you were at a dinner lasting 3 hours, you could set it to run for 4 hours to be sure you would be gone by the time it finished.

i can handle mouser's idea, will make it today in vb  :tellme:

cool :)

make sure to add a slider where we can set how long it will run before reporting result :)
and make sure it has a nice animation or progress bar so that it "looks" like it is doing something :)

when you run it it will run for about 45 minutes, seem like its doing a lot of stuff but really be doing nothing.  and at the end report a whole bunch of made up stuff about how the computer is 100% fixed and clean, but that because of hardware incompatibilities with the newest Microsoft Windows service packs, the user should perform a complete reinstall of windows in exactly 7 days.
--- End quote ---

mouser, you are a genius. shame you didn't keep it quiet and just market the idea - you could have earned millions from the best clean-up tool ever made.

due to lack of time and resources i dont think i can complete this project  :-[ (couldnt find animations and button images etc)

after all what to do with a tool which isn't realistic? ;D


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