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For all you guys that are making this site available for new users (novice programmers) available. If I had any money I would donate some to this newsletter but I am in a tie spot right now. sorry.

I do not have any tech input at this time except the following:

        " A couple months ago I decided to learn how to Developed my own Web Browser, site, Web Page, etc. I
         enrolled into Microsoft to be able to develop my web site with the proper programs and tools. This are my questions:

         1) I feel like I am being watch for everything I do in my computer. I do not know if I should attribute this to my 12
         hours per day learning and fixing and installing software everyday (on top of my regular work schedule) or
         maybe I need to loosing up on opther things. Its this a programmers' occupational hazard?

         2) There must be a better way to create your web browser without depending on Microsoft or any big
         corporations as sponsor?

         3) I am a Legal Court/Administrative/Medical Interpreter but i also have experience with Traveling to Mexico and El
         Salvador, Plumber, construction (foundations, walls, bathroom remodeling, etc), Doctor's assistant(4 years), patent's symptoms (3 back surgeries
         myself, rotator cuff injuries, shoulder injuries, etc)  poet writer, married counselor (married for 30 years), body shop manager, food distributors
         warehouse manager, customer service,etc.

 If I can be of any assistant to you, please send a message to [email protected].

Thank you


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