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[Humour] Never ask for help on the Internet

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Fred Nerd:
Possibly NTSW?

I loved this...... funny as, but when I posted it in the humour section of another forum, I got banned for a fortnight.

Their loss not mine :p


I'll have to hang out here and talk to you guys, sounds good :)

Facepunch is a horrible place, I don't recommend going there

Fred Nerd:
I never thought of that, that would show them back at my usual online home, if I ditched them for the thing that got me in trouble.

Nah, I'll take the advice of p3lb0x

You will not believe how prevalent this thing is on the net...

(Firefox literally spitted out the whole phrase when I got to "will som...")

And continuations to the saga, courtesy of 2 more helpful people who tried their best to help (but they got banned):

p3lbox: Yes, but can it beat 4chan?

It's amusing to read the FacePunch Event Log - stuff like getting banned for 700 days, being registered for one hour (at most), because of "losing lots of smartness in a single post" is really... interesting.

I will now proceed to ROFL

Also, on a related note: Asking about the Intel waterbottle on Facepunch - goes from capacity to overclockability (you may need to scroll to the top to understand it)


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