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Recommend some music videos to me!

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Poor women.  I was wondering how they practice and what happens if they drop... oops.

A piece on Miles Davis that aired on 60 Minutes.  There are a couple of music video clips as well as Morley Safer's interview and commentary.

So... I suppose Anime Music Videos are OK too ? :]

Here's one with a song from Within Temptation:

Many jazz fans will know of and recognise the almost hypnotic beauty in the original Dave Brubeck Quartet's Take Five, of which some critics said its main failing was "...that it stopped":

Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five

However, not so many fans will necessarily have come across the version of Take Five put together by the Pakistani ensemble, The Sachal Studios Orchestra: (if you haven't already heard it, then be prepared for a surprise)

Sachal Studios Orchestra - Take Five Official

There are some relevant notes in Wayback on the Sachal Studios Orchestra website, here: Sachal Studios Orchestra - Take Five

I tend to use my 6½ y/o son as a barometer for music appreciation. He seems to have a knack of knowing when a tune is "catchy", and with near-perfect pitch he is often singing pop songs to himself - e.g., including BTS music tracks that he listens to with his older sister and things like Zowie's - Smash It, which I tend to play.
"Play it again, Dad." was his immediate response on hearing the Sachal Studios Orchestra's version of Take Five. In fact, we both listened to it as I replayed it several times, and he watched with interest as I fed the soundtrack into Audacity to look at its waveform and edit out the "beep" at the start of the track.




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