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Recommend some music videos to me!

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4 chaps from Liverpool should have known better but are singing a rather well-known song of theirs:

My vague wording is of course meant to protect from "this video is not available in your country".

Not a music video, but definitely worth a listen.

I describe it on my music blog as...

If you set the controls for the heart of Peru, started chopping through the Earth (careful with that axe!), beginning in the highest mountain and kept chopping till you came out in Pompeii, in the year of 1972, let the Echoes flow through the Earth, from the past to the present, you'd have to call it Hacia Aquellos Bosques de Inmensidad, (meaning ''Toward those woods of immensity''),  a 4 track EP album, by Montibus Communitas.
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videos at
more ("free") music at
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Already old - and in an even older style....

Live session video:

The Black Hollies - Gloomy Monday Morning - Lake Fever Sessions

[edit] that would cheer me up any monday morning  ;-) [/edit]

great sound quality on this one:

Van Morrison - Summertime In England - Live at Montreux 1980


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