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Recommend some music videos to me!

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This song manages to run chills up my spine every damn time.
I have no idea why but sure do like the song...

Better quality version here:

Grrr, what is it with youtube and "this movie is not available in your country"? The people who thought of that need to be shot, asap. (Can't watch the "Mad World" video - is it the Gary Jules cover from Donnie Darko, or the original Tears For Fears?)
-f0dder (December 02, 2008, 06:19 AM)
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this is a little confusing,
but if I understand correctly it's Gary Jules with his first video of the song - it's the one filmed from the rooftop of kids making different "things" on the footpath below
The original video of Mad World. (the one by Gary Jules, of course. By original, I meant the actual Gary Jules one, not the Donnie Darko one. There. Happy? I am heavily aware of the fact that TFF did a video long before Gary. I knew before I posted the video. You'd think that one of the progenitor of the video would know these things.) Throughout the video children are making animated figures on the sidewalk below. (the song was featured in the movie Donnie Darko. If you haven't seen it, seriously consider it.)
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(see attachment in previous post)Wouldn't want to miss THIS ONE!
-cranioscopical (December 02, 2008, 08:42 AM)
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really enjoyed that one - or there's the techno version :D

And here are a couple more much more my tastes:
-mouser (December 02, 2008, 10:33 AM)
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from around that time, how about The Beat, Bad Manners, Madness, UB40's first album ;)

Holy crap, this is a lot of fun guys, thanks.

from around that time, how about The Beat, Bad Manners, Madness, UB40's first album ;)
-tomos (December 02, 2008, 01:41 PM)
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With links on:-
from around that time, how about The Beat Mirror in the Bathroom, Bad Manners Lip Up Fatty, Madness Night Boat To Cairo, & anything from UB40's first album (dont know it's name) King

(I like loads of other types of music too :p)

Here's a few to get you started. They range from pure pop to real music.

1) Sam Brown & Jules Holland at The Concert for George

  And another side to her personality in Walking Back to Me:

3) Madness - It Must be Love and One Step Beyond

4) Don't Box Me In Stewart Copeland and Stan Ridgway

5) The Swingers - Counting The Beat (1981) & One Good Reason

6) Bela Fleck And The Flecktones - The Sinister Minister & Turtle Rock

7) The Pretenders - Tattooed Love Boys & Up the Neck

8) Klark Kent (aka Stu Copeland) - Away From Home

9) Tom Waits For No One - Animated 1979

10) Dweezil Zappa & Steve Vai - Peaches en Regalia Live

11) Tal Wilkenfeld & Jeff Beck - At Crossroads 07

     (This may be historic - I didn't think Beck ever shared the spotlight with anyone!)


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