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Recommend some music videos to me!

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Last night my daughter was watching The Daily Show on Hulu and they had a musical act called The Suffers on. They looked like an old school funk show band, which I love. Then they started playing, and it was even better than that. They're actually the most authentically awesome old school soul band I've seen in... well ever really. In fact, I would put Kam Franklin up against any soul singer from any era.

Then there's this one from last year.

One of the greatest songs, Hang on Sloopy, by the McCoys:

Song was originally by the Vibrations:

And a really slow version by Little Caesar and the Consuls:

It's a polyrhythmic sort of thing like you'd hear in the Thelonius Monk Quartet and some of those other old bebop bands.
-40hz (February 18, 2016, 08:06 PM)
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In fact he led off with Monk's Played Twice.  I enjoy the Jazz concerts they do at MDC here especially because they are usually about 70 minutes long.  I don't feel like I am sitting in the seat too long.  I like to get there 1/2 hour early as it is so that I can sit on the end of the row that has a nice spot to park my suitcase.  No worries about it getting in the way.  But back to the rhythms, they were "getting in my body" as Miles used to say.  It was almost work because I had two wrists and one foot going to different rhythms.  I definitely felt involved in the experience.   :Thmbsup:

Great variety lately :up:

The Skatalites - Wood and Water (unusually, I think, for ska, some nice guitar towards the end)

The Skatalites - After The Rain

And now for something that goes to elev... er... 13 and a half. :P

Adele's "Hello" given the Metal treatment by a very talented one-man band.

His schtick is doing metal covers of horrible pop songs (not saying that Adele is horrible...).  Now I can listen to what my co-workers like and not have to suppress my gag reflex :P  Check out the playlist:

Also, he actually had some help on that one from insane guitarist Pete Cottrell.
I dig artists that can rip on odd time signatures and not sound pretentious.

Well... that last part is outright silly.


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