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Recommend some music videos to me!

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Sometimes you're not on your own system and you need a good song... or 20. Do me a favor and recommend a favorite YouTube song of yours, such as this one from U2 with Bruce Springsteen:

I don't care what kind of music. Anything would be nice. Don't laugh, lately I've been stuck on this show, which is a soft landing after a long day:

official version; TV version. Of course, you could always go French or go home with Alizee -- hell oui!

This is gonna be fun. Let's see what everyone recommends  :)

As for me, let me suggest a couple of videos. Taking a cue from the screenshots you posted, I propose these:
- In the U2-performing-live-one-of-their-hits-and-featuring-a-legend category  :P, here you go: One (Live Grammy Awards 2006) - U2 feat. Mary J Blige
- While in the teen-pop-star(s)-in-stockings-and-a-plaided-miniskirt category  :D, let me suggest no less than the Russian duo t.A.T.u: How soon is now - t.A.T.u. (This is a cover of The Smiths, by the way)

Hope you enjoy  8)

Wow! I love it, Zen. Thanks for the great start.

If it doesn't need to be _youtube_ video and not even very recent one, you may find nice ones from here too:

Portishead's The Rip is a very strange video, but I like the music.

EDIT: Embedded video in post.


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