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NANY Bible Quiz


Thanks to all that are taking a look at the Visual Basic 6.0 Bible Quiz posted in this years NANY.

A constant problem I have had with it from day one is repeating a question too many times during a session.

Even with over 500 questions, cut into 5 levels of participation, there are still too many repetitions of a question.

The data is in an MS Access database.

The only way at this time that I can think of solving this issue is to access the database each time a question is displayed and tag it. The only problem I see with this is that (assuming 100 questions per level of play) after a while the "search for another question" would consume so much time that you would get bored and quit.

Any ideas will be most welcome as how to overcome this issue.

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I don't know much about VB but the general idea I'd go with would be to put them in an array or a stack at the beginning of the quiz and pop them out when they are used.

The problem could be with the seeding of your randomizer.  I had the same sort of problem back 3 or 4 years ago while coding something in VB6, and the problem turned out to be that my randomizer wasn't truly randomizing things.  I tried to find the project files but couldn't locate them.  But IIRC, the ultimate problem lay in how I was using the random function.

Even if your randomizer code isn't spot-on, it would probably still be sufficient if combined with Deozaan's suggestion.


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