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NANY 2009 Release: Visual Basic 6.0 Bible Quiz -- English and Spanish

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NANY 2009 Entry Information
Application Name Visual Basic 6.0 Bible Quiz -- English and SpanishVersion V2.4 Short Description Multi player Bible Quiz Supported OSes Windows Web Page English VersionEnglish Download Page
Spanish Version
Spanish Download Page
System Requirements
* Pentium W/128 RAMVersion History
* About done, but is any program "done"AuthorLink to larystoy's profile

Bible Quiz
Started out as a "something to do project" when learning HTML. Could never figure out a way to keep score with HTML, so rewrote it in Visual Basic 6.0.

Over 1000 questions, multiple choice answers in random order. Choice of New Testament or Old Testament question at any time. Can play by yourself or with up to 6 players competitively. Can get a "hint" at any time or "read the verse" if desired.

Can't "read the verse" to find the answer though. Must answer the question first. Once you have "read the verse" goes to next question.


View Screen Shots

ZIP file with required DLL's and OCX's.

Using the Application
Has a "help" file built in, duplicated in the "readme" file that can be viewed prior to installing the program.

Just delete the files and folder you will be creating.

Known Issues
Thanks to all that are looking at this program. Will implement changes as they are brought to my attention.

Thanks to: TPReal for his many inputs for improvments to the program, and Parttimecoder for suggesting an ability to turn off the sound. Using these suggestions, several improvements have been made to the program.

Anyone that has downloaded the file prior to 12/30/08, can now update the main file from the link above and have the most current version.

I am currently working on a Spanish version, and although there is one avaliable please keep in mind, it still needs some major work on it. So please visit my web site for information on updates to that version.

May the Lord bless any and all that will read his word and take it to their heart.

Hello Larry, let me express some my impressions about the program :)

* I like the idea of showing the corresponding verse for each question if you get it wrong.
* The controls are rather clean. One bug there is that the field with the current question number is editable.
* The order of possible answers could be randomized each time.
* It happened several times that I got the same question more than once in the same session, regardless of if I got it right or wrong first. This could be blocked.
* If you click Exit, I don't see what's the difference between clicking then Return, and clicking New Quiz.
* The moving parts of the GUI might be somewhat... disturbing :)
* The main form is resizeable, and should not be, I guess.
* I got fifty-something per-cent correct on a set of about 40 easy NT questions, and then sixty-something per-cent correct on hard. Hmm.
OK, that's it :) In general I quite liked the program, I'm going to try the OT later, too. It's a bit hard for me because names and some other words have their English forms different from what I'm used to, so I have to think for a moment to translate (or transliterate) them. There were also questions (or answer variants) that I could not understand at all.

Thanks for sharing.


Perry Mowbray:

* I got fifty-something per-cent correct on a set of about 40 easy NT questions, and then sixty-something per-cent correct on hard. Hmm.-TPReal (December 01, 2008, 02:30 PM)
--- End quote ---

You just like a challenge: Obviously ;D

I agree, the repeating question issue has plagued me from day one. At one time I had the difficulty feature divided into ten options, talk about a problem now, it was horrendous with ten.

Question, unless I write to the data base and check it for each question displayed, how else can I prevent this duplication? To do this would obviously slow thing down quite a bit, wouldn't it?

Any suggestions would be most welcomed as how to resolve this issue.

But, considering (Pat myself on the back) for my first Visual Basic program, I like to think it does a pretty good job.


Hi larystoy

I downloaded Bible quiz and gave it a go. Let me begin by saying that it's a good first effort considering it's your first VB6 Application.

Is there a reason the main form cannot be minimized or moved ?
You could add an option to not have sound. Of course users can turn speakers off  but what if they would like to listen to there own music ?

Question:Who was Jacobs favorite wife
Anwser:And he went in also unto Rachel, and he loved also Rachel more than Leah, and served with him yet seven other years.
I selected Rachel but bible quiz says I am wrong ?

The return button could be to the right corner or the verse dialog or centered.
Also the text field is too big for the text, makes it look odd.
And of course the text fields should not be editable.    

You could use hints to clarify what certain buttons do exactly.
You might want to insert a nicer form icon rather than the default VB form icon. Look at it when minimized. Looks unfinished !

The difference between an ok program and a great program is often in the details.

That's is for now.

Will look for next version


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