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Where the hell is Ralf Maximus?

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Ralf Maximus:
Short answer: Here again.

After a long hiatus, I remembered how to spell and found this place once more.  FireFox even recalled my password for me, which is good, because I have *no* idea.

I haven't looked around, haven't read anything, haven't posted anything nor replied.  Yet.  But know this, my friends, I will.  Oh yes, I will.  Fear it.

For those of you who don't recognize the name, Hi.  My name is Ralf.  At one time I cluttered the hallowed bytes of DC with irreverence, Top 10 lists, and observations about my penis.  There was laughter, merriment, and more than one restraining order.  I've written some code, fawned over my gorgeous and talented spawn, and posted moderately interesting snippets of crap from the greater internet.

Those of you who DO recognize the name: I've missed you.  Lots of stuff has happened in my life, some bad, but mostly good.  I'm pretty much the same Ralf, but with fancy new battle scars and even more opinions to share about EVERYTHING, regardless of my level of knowledge on a particular subject.  If anyone really cares about the seedy underworld of Ralfland, feel free to drop me a line.  I have no secrets.  But I shan't post them here lest I scare the kids.

One thing I have been doing is writing.  Fiction, that is.  Mostly small doo-dads that amuse me, some science fiction, lots of horror.  I maintain a gallery of nonsense at DeviantArt where I hang out daily.  It's a fun crowd there, but not as tech-crazy as this place.  I miss the hardcore geek factor around here, the stench of burning midnight oil, the tangy flavor of new software reviews, the happy birth squeal of coding snacks being born.

If you'll have me back, I promise to behave.

But promises are made to be broken.  :)

PS... Special thanks to Cranioscopical for kicking me in the ass.  Thank you, friend.

PPS... Deepest regrets for dropping out on you, Nick.  No words are necessary, but please know I writhe in agony over the ball I dropped, and hope you are well.

PPPS... Anyone have a topic for a Top 10 list?

Carol Haynes:
Top Ten: Apologies and grovels?

Welcome back  :Thmbsup:

Glad to see you back Ralf, we missed you

nice to see you back Ralf. i hope it's not a fleeting visit. (the transportica door is still open to you.)

Great to see you back here, Ralf  :Thmbsup: You have been missed  :-*


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