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IDEA: Simple line by line truncator

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Goodevening Sir!  :) I’ve tried the latest version, this is so far the things I’ve noticed… Very nice GUI! copied as is!  :Thmbsup:

Here’s the new list!  :)

* Exclusion textbox or the lower textbox is not yet word wrapped.
* Tooltip should popout only when it hovers the More or Less button after 1 second.
* The separator still uses the old comma separator instead of space separator, Space separator is much faster.
* Please change length option to 10. (It’s the most efficient length size at work)
* Change Shortcut definition of Ctrl+Enter to "Ctrl+Enter = Clear, Paste, Submit and Copy All"
* Shameless, but Sir can you add me on the credits section? I think still deserve it… :P
  "Programmer  : Agentsteal
   UX Designer : Herbert"
* Add Shortcut Shift+Enter for simple Submit and Copy All without Clear and Paste for manually processing of text.
Thanks a lot! I’m going to use your latest version at work, I’ll make list of anything I encounter during testing of the latest version… Thanks again Sir!  :)

Don't forget that if the program saves your company some money perhaps you can make a donation to agentsteal to show your appreciation.


@Sir Mouser

I would like to give something in return to Sir Paul but I can’t, the company I work for has their own programmers outside the country but the software they have provided us is not sufficient for the work we do… It’s hard to convince my company to pay Sir Paul to give something in return since they don’t even bother upgrading the software we use daily… I just have my own initiative to ask someone who can help me do my task… I’m just a regular low wage employee Sirs… As much as I would like to give some monetary donations in return, I just can’t for financial reasons… I hope you understand Sirs… :( I hope you and Sir Paul would understand…

The only thing I can do right now is to give credit to  and Sir Paul for making the software every time my co-workers ask me who made the software, that’s why I asked Sir Paul to put an About button at the top of the application that people may easily see it…  :-[

Thanks for everything Sir Paul, if I can give the favor back in anyway except for something monetary, just give me a message and I will gladly try my best to return the favor back…  :-[


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