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IDEA: Simple line by line truncator

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And Sir, can you make the Shortcuts global or work regardless of what UI is active? that would really be helpful Sir… Thanks!  :)


Btw, can I ask what you're using this for?

I’m going to try it out Sir…  :Thmbsup:

I used this at the office to filter out order numbers, the order numbers are always on the left side and other informations are on the right side but we only care about the order numbers, after I use the Line Truncator, I will be pasting it to a spreadsheets…

Thanks again Sir! going to try it out now…  :)

It works perfectly Sir! just one more thing! Undo process function will be great! I Love this program!  :-* I’m going to try it out again this night Sir, I’ll just wait for the version with the Undo function, I’m going to get some sleep for now…

BTW, if you can make use of the icon of Toad of Supermario, I really would appreciate it! Thanks a lot!  :)

Goodmorning and Goodnight everyone… See you all tomorrow… Thanks again Sir Agentsteal! I’ll post any feedback tomorrow after I use it at the office… bye for now…  ;) :Thmbsup:



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