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IDEA: Simple line by line truncator

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Good Evening Sir Agent! Thanks for upgrading the software for me…  :) I noticed there is an undo button in the latest version of the software, Forgive me sir, I did not make my self clear, the button undo is a great idea Sir, but I think just a simple Ctrl+Z for undo and Ctrl+Y for redo shortcut without the button will do… :)

I just thought of a new function that would greatly help us Sir… I’ll edit this reply to post the new function and its purpose… I’ll try if I can make a mockup for it Sir…  :Thmbsup:

EDIT: I can’t make a mockup Sir, balsamiq trial doesn’t have the UI I was looking for  but I’ll describe what I mean Sir, can you make collapsible options at the bottom of the software Sir…

Purpose: Just like what I’ve posted early this morning, we use the Line Truncator to extract the order numbers, Sir can you make a collapsible textbox at the bottom of the software that we may be able to add order numbers separated by commas to be automatically deleted when they appear on the results?

In this example, I would exclude order number 1346795, 64482, 84101 and I chose a length of 7…

I put a filter in the collapsible textbox at the bottom of the software and add the order numbers or characters I want to exclude

1346795, 64482, 84101

--- End quote ---

The result must be from:
123456789 words words endless words
1346795 words words endless words
12345678 words words endless words
1234   words words endless words
64482 words words endless words
84101 words words endless words
12345 words words endless words

--- End quote ---


--- End quote ---

The 2nd, 5th and 6th line were automatically omitted because the process result shows the characters “1346795, 64482 and 84101” and it was in list of excluded words…

One more thing Sir… Can you make the color white background except for the textbox to be the same like the button of about and Shortcuts  :-[

Thank You once again Sir Agentsteal… You’re such an excellent programmer! not to mention your very long patience… :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :)

How's this:

I just got home sir… I hurried to get home just to see the update!  :D I used and test the truncator at the office, my line lead saw it and liked it!  :Thmbsup: She loves it!  :-* She even wants to give it to some other people at the office right away, I just told her it’s under development, She asked me who made the software and I showed her the about button and told her a friendly programmer from other part of the world made this! ;)

I just tested the latest version sir and it works great! but perhaps you’re to tired that you’ve made the color of the text box same as of the button instead of the whole window…

I think a tooltip at the collapsible button would be a great help for other people who will use the software… You may put on the tooltip something like “Excluded order numbers. please use a space separator.”

When I used the software the whole shift at work, I did not press the Copy to clipboard and Submit not once, I learned that shortcuts are sufficient enough sir… because it’s much quicker than pressing the buttons… I think it will be much better without the Copy and Submit buttons Sir Agentsteal…

The filter box with collapsible button is working perfectly sir!  :Thmbsup: But… I’m having a hard time looking back what filters I’ve made because it just a horizontal text box… perhaps a 5 liner text wrapped enabled text box with a vertical scrollbar is much better sir for easy reviewing of filtered words or characters…

BTW Sir, I can’t undo using Ctrl+Z anymore…  :(

Sir, the test I’ve made last night with the truncator cuts my processing time by significant amount… probably a 90% quicker than the former method of manually selecting order numbers and I haven’t got any error at all! Many thanks to you sir!  :)

That’s all for now sir, I will try do a mockup or something that will help you visualize my UI thoughts while eating my breakfast…  :P Thanks again Sir… You’re the best!  :Thmbsup:  :)

Here’s the UI I designed… It took me a long time before I finished it using mspaint…  ;D

UI Revision

* Removed Copy to clipboard button
* Re-arranged buttons
* Line Counts moved to lower right, space allowance up to 3 digits ex. 999
* Tooltip at Expand Button or Less Button
* Program color changed
* Exclusion textbox word wrapped
I hope my UI design is neat Sir…  :)

BTW Sir, can you add a few functions to the Ctrl+Enter Shortcut

Old global Ctrl+Enter shortcut

* Process text
* Automatically copy processed text
New global Ctrl+Enter shortcut

* Clears the Text Box
* Paste whatever text that is the clipboard
* Process text
* Automatically copy processed text
That’s a BIG time saver I think Sir… Hope it will be implemented in your future version of Truncator… Thanks a lot! I’ll check the forum later this evening before I go to work… Many Thanks again Sir Agentsteal!  :)


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