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IDEA: Simple line by line truncator

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This is what I usually do at the office, I copy text and I would like to truncate every line down to about # characters… Doing it manually is really a tedious and error prone process, a lot of time is wasted doing this, I should have saved a lot of time if I have a tool to  help me do the task that I may I do other things in the office… please make my life easier…

Example: (I copy pasted the text into the text box)

(Example I prefer the length of 7 characters and click the submit button and the textbox content will change into this)

-7 Characters which I chose
-without whitespaces

Can someone please make me a simple software that truncates everyline with a customizable length and automatically removes the whitespace… Please help me I know It will be easy for you guys to make one! Thanks ahead!  :)

That's interesting. I recall coming across something being able to do this years ago in a text editor built-in to a proggy that I used (in DOS). I think it may have been in Lotus Magellan or 4DOS. I remember thinking at the time "I wonder who could make use of this?" (I couldn't). You selected the text as a block, using the cursor and mouse keys, copied it, and the copy just excluded everything outside the block. It left embedded spaces intact, if they were included in the block.

Update 2009/07/01:
I have just found that you have this same feature in MS Word.
Refer "The 10 most useful Word shortcuts"
- esp. see point #10 (Alt+Drag vertically)

This is a perfect example of a good coding snack request:

* clearly described
* simple functionality which shouldn't be too hard to implement
* not an abundance of existing free tools to do it already
* posted in the correct forum section
Which is why it will never be implemented.

Just kidding, i'm sure someone will whip this up in short order  :Thmbsup:

I guess the following may not be that useful but FWIW, I used to do something w/ similar results using the commands kill-rectangle and yank-rectangle in Emacs.

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