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pb with shortcut drag/drop to circle dock

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I don't think that it's a language problem, because I have just downloaded it in English and have exactly the same problem.  My screenshots would be exactly the same as those above, and I downloaded it (twice, to make sure) from the correct source.  I am also using 0.9.2 Alpha 8.  Any other ideas?


I will try setting up a file structure with the file path in that screenshot and see what happens. From that screenshot, it shows Circle Dock is trying to open up the .lnk file and from the results it seems that is not happening. As a work around for now, couple you manually find the real file path for that executable and replace the .lnk link with the real path? That way, Circle Dock will try to directly open up the real file. For some reason, it appears that for that file, Circle Dock could not resolve the real file path from that .lnk.


of course, when i put the real path to the .exe, it works fine




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