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Using Easy Unicode Paster

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I've tried an extra step.  Open Easy Unicode Paster, then click on your original application.  Then clicking on a character in the Paster will paste something into your application, but it usually pastes a ? rather than the character you click.  Once in a blue moon it will actually paste the character you click on.
-BillSamuel (November 22, 2008, 08:05 PM)
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Can you see the characters displayed correctly in Easy Unicode Paster itself? It could be that you don't have the fonts for a particular character. Most computers won't have all the fonts to display all the characters that come with Easy Unicode Paster. Try selecting a different character set.

In the applications where it would be most useful for me, the only characters it actually seems to work on are the ones that are on the standard keyboard.  Characters not on the keyboard show as something other than they are supposed to, usually as a ?.  For characters on a standard keyboard, it seems much easier just to use the keyboard.

It does work in Word, but Word has its own equivalent function anyway.  But EUP might be a bit easier to use, especially if you were using a lot of special characters in a document.

It does work in Firefox, so it is useful if you should need to use a special character in a Forum such as this.  I can't recall ever having such a need, but EUP would work well for this purpose.

I'm only selecting characters that show correctly in EUP.  I have no idea what the others would be.  Probably well over 95% of characters just show as boxes, and I couldn't see any point in clicking on those.  Presumably they're only available in non-standard fonts.  But they are some useful characters available in standard fonts.

Which application displays the ? marks? If it's on the web, I can try downloading it and see what's wrong.



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