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Using Easy Unicode Paster

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Has anyone figured out how to use Easy Unicode Paster?  It comes without instructions or a help function.  It displays characters, but I can't figure out how to get them to paste into an application.

You just click on the character and it is sent to the application you are in.

I'm sorry,  but clicking on a character does nothing other than highlight it in Easy Unicode Paster.  It does not send it to the application you are in.  I've tried it in several applications, and it does not work at all.  It is supposed to leave the focus on the application you were in, but instead it takes the focus, which may be why it does not work.

I'm using Windows XP, and it is supposed to work in XP.  Maybe it works in Vista, I don't know, but it doesn't work in XP.

I've tried an extra step.  Open Easy Unicode Paster, then click on your original application.  Then clicking on a character in the Paster will paste something into your application, but it usually pastes a ? rather than the character you click.  Once in a blue moon it will actually paste the character you click on.

I have tested Easy Unicode Paster on both XP and Vista and they both work. When you click on one of the characters in EUP,it sends it to the application with focus. EUP doesn't take focus when you click on one of the characters. Have you tried using EUP and Notepad, Word, or Firefox? Ensure that some textbox in the application you are working with has the cursor blinking so you know where the characters are being sent.


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