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Ehterpad - Text Document Collabration


This is something that can help all DC Developers and users for collabrative project. Good thing is you can chat/Save revisions at the same time while collabrating.  :)

More from website:
With EtherPad, anyone in a meeting can contribute to the notes, or watch them as they're typed. This means more efficient meetings, more useful notes, and fewer misunderstandings.

EtherPad literally keeps everyone on the same page.
--- End quote ---

Try Etherpad :

That looks pretty useful assuming it's reliable.

Download Squad had also mentioned about this service - EtherPad: worth giving up Google Docs for?

That looks pretty useful assuming it's reliable.
--- End quote ---

I don't mind giving it shot, if we're discussing some projects for DC or freeware etc. Good for coders/freelancers . :)


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