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How to make a local copy of an ancient Web forum?

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I think that's ruddy useful of them to make that available.
-IainB (March 16, 2017, 12:00 PM)
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Only partially useful in the case of shareware, since for any apps that are no longer available on the current software market (in any version), you probably wouldn't be able to purchase a license to keep using it. And in some cases for software that phones home as part of the installing process, you can't even install it to get the free 30 day trial. I know this from experience, since  have a folder containing about 5G of setup files, downloaded directly from Tucows, back in 1999, a gift from my father, included on a computer that he gave me in 2000 (I still don't even know what most of them do!)

Hi all,

I got that same problem again.

This is the forum to be downloaded this time:

The link above is actually the oldest/last page. So it would be sufficient to download those 1041 pages including all linked pages (only one level deep).

Any experiences which tool would be the simplest to do this?

Thanks for opinions!

Had very good luck with the HTTrack spidering website copier.

Free for download under GPL/Libre. Website here.

OK thanks!

At the moment, I try BlackWidow. BlackWidow simply creates an Explorer-like view of the entire website, and after the scan is finished, you download (only) the parts you want.

Does HTTrack allow a similar approach?


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