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How to make a local copy of an ancient Web forum?

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agentsteal: what you did might not be unethical, but please keep in mind that mouser could probably be held responsible if a post like that was allowed on this forum. Laws are crazy like that.

Laws are crazy like that.
-f0dder (November 27, 2008, 05:53 PM)
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Yup, f0dder, you're right. Laws are indeed crazy  :o :(


I suggest that you can use the power siphon software --- It is no longer available but it is a nice one.......

It even can compile the whole site as a single exe file if you like --- no files or directories -- a self viewing archive...

I can send the software to you if you do wish so --- the web site of the creator no longer exists...

I was wanting to copy and parcel up part of an old website, and re-found this thread.
I have posted this comment just to update this thread with some potentially useful new information that I discovered today.
After reading about the Power Siphon software mentioned by @gorinw13, I promptly did a duckgo search for "siphon software for web copy", and the link below was the 3rd result in the list.    :Thmbsup:
The relevant archived page is at:

--- ---
The text of the web page is copied below sans embedded hyperlinks/images, but notice the bit I have highlighted at the bottom.
Power Siphon

Published December 20, 2003
Topics Power Siphon, Internet, Web browsers and tools, Offline browsing, Power Siphon

This Web spider downloads Web sites and Web content that you specify and saves the information to your hard drive for offline use. You provide the URL of the home page or any other starting page and watch the progress of the download in real time. You can also compress downloaded content into an EXE file.
The program includes a built-in viewer with a slideshow mode, and you can use the wizard interface to define tasks. Other features includes Microsoft Access compatibility, database support, spell checking, indexing and the ability to create your own search engine.

Identifier tucows_344044_Power_Siphon
Date 2003-12-20
Tucows_rating 4
Rights Shareware
Publisher Tucows Inc.
Mediatype software
Addeddate 2004-11-02 13:25:00
Publicdate 2004-11-08 17:51:00
Backup_location ia903600_6

Tucows, Inc has graciously donated a copy of this software to the Internet Archive's Tucows Software Archive for long term preservation and access. Please check the Tucows website for all current versions of the software.

--- End quote ---

So the Power Siphon software mentioned by @gorinw13 can be downloaded via that Archive, which has captured a copy of the website Power Siphon -
The link for downloading the software is (and it works):
--- --- - it's a 10.5Mb executable installer file.

I think that's ruddy useful of them to make that available.

Nice find, man. This is highly useful.


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