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Search Folders Only?

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Use the dosearch function!  ;D
Import this into your alias list:
1000>>>test>->dosearch +\ $$1>+>\$ (.*)

Then $ foo searches for folders with foo.
Of course you can change the regular expression such that it fits your needs.

snail nailed it, you have to have either like:
"opera +\" or "+\ opera"

and hero explained how to use an alias to make it easier to type one thing and search for another.

@hero, Pardon my ignorance..but how do i assign a different keyword to your function?
$ folder searches for 'folder'. however, when i change that to any other letter, and search using that expression, it doesn't work.
if i wanted to search for folders with regular expression 'fd' what would the function look like?
Thanks a lot !

okay.. the following code worked..
1000>>>Folder Only>->dosearch +\ $$1>+>^fd(.*)$

As a complement to herojoker's solution, the autohotkey script from an old thread ( ) can be useful:

--- ---~Space::
IfWinActive %A_Space%Find and Run Robot v2
 if A_PriorHotkey = %A_ThisHotkey%
  if A_TimeSincePriorHotkey < 400
   sendinput +\
return(I've above changed the code from that old thread from "sendinput \" to "sendinput +\" )

I still think that it would be a good idea to have doublespace as a built in hotkey for toggling adding/removing of " +\". But for now, the script should work fine.


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