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IDE or tool that can automatically generate UML chart


While making a post over at this thread, I was wondering if there is an IDE which can automatically generate a UML diagram from code? It would greatly help me visualize what I'm writing instantly. Needed to work C++.

Visual Studio seems to have it. Visual Paradigm also can convert code to UML (and UML to code), but I never tested it live. Unfortunately, only the paid versions have that particular feature.

StarUML has "Java /C++ / C# Profile, Code Generator and Reverse Engineer":

back in the days of yore, when I was a young innocent java programmer I used "Together" from then togethersoft. I believe Borland/Inprise/Borland bought togethersoft and incorporated their IDE into JBuilder(?).

Those technicalities aside: together was the best IDE have seen. Changes made to code relfected back on the UML class diagram, and changes in the diagram changed code. Very good, very expensive. I always wanted something like this for my python projects...



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