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Tool to make screenshots of web site using command line

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Hi DCers,

I've to make a lot (meaning 100+) screenshots of websites from their urls, and update them regularly (once a week).
What would be the best (i.e. free) tool to make these screenshots?

I considered MiniCap by mouser, but I'm not sure it's well suited to run in unattended mode (overnight for example).

Any similar experience amongst you guys?
Thanks in advance.



I'll piggyback on your post, because I've been meaning to ask something very similar. Not necessarily a commandline tool, but one that could be described as "TimeSnapper for the Web" (i.e. WebSnapper, if anyone needs a snappy name :) Ideally, a program that would take automated screenshots of websites at predefined intervals - be it once a week, or once an hour.

(There are of course very nice Firefox add-ons to take website screenshots, such as Abduction, but AFAIK they can't be automated, and even if they could, that task would effectively hijack the browser as long as the "WebSnapper" would be running.)

i use webshot to take website screenshots. there's cmd line support as well

Nirsoft's SiteShoter also works with command-line. adding it a task in the task scheduler should do the trick.


nice find, lanux  :Thmbsup:


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